Fourhorseracing with you in mind  

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11/3/2005 3:35 am

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Fourhorseracing with you in mind

she speaks violence with her eyes

I want to meet you on a violet night I want to meet you bathed in the moonlight in a secret room where there are purple walls and firefly lights around us, the open window letting the soft street sounds in. [you me us] in a small bathroom, we sit in the shower stall and relieved him of stress and we kiss between soft gasping noises. the conversation in between is beautiful and passionate warm music and soft shower candlelight, we talk. He braces me for her touch, the feel of her mouth on mine so warm and inviting. Conversations that make me feel like I have done the most mind-softening drugs in the safest redwomb place. When she speaks to me in my hair she purrs, her voice soothing and mellow and her eyes half lidded and her melting tender kiss on my mouth. Can you read my thoughts of him us you underneath the skin and bone and brain matter? Can he {you} sense where my thoughts reside...

you will love my long hair, feline and beautiful. hair that will tangle around fingers and capture hands close, to me, my head with it’s swirling thoughts inside of it. my wine stained mouth kisses yours/his, the glow from the candles surrounding us. illuminations making everything womb-like and dreamy. the steam and warm kisses making our knees shutter and everything too intense. years of passion and feelings [locked up and hidden] for another her are announced in quiet serious tones, around food after drinks, and all the blood in my body rushed up to my face and heart .

We can drink burgundy wine create our own fierce heaven, I can feel fragile, yet at the same time beautiful and a strong female [the source of life] powerful and alive again with you.

our love will catch fire and burned itself into a smoldering death.

the state of living is a burden. the world changes, the soul forever is in motion. So this I write for you.

He says we have been bad. He says we deserve a spanking. It stings. My hips are thrust down into his groin [you watch]. His right hand tightens its grip on my breasts until it tingles. The tingle whispers along my spine and shivers its way straight into the nub between my legs [you watch as he teaches me a lesson.] My whole body becomes aware of his touch: his heavy breathing and the pulsing of the bulge in his pants. But I become especially aware of his hands. His middle fingertip is directly over my nipple and seems to vibrate slightly, causing spasms of sex in my quaking muscles. His left hand is grabbing me at the rounded flesh of my butt possessively, he needs only move his hand down a few tiny inches . . . What would his touch feel like?

Your mind jolts from the perfumed daze.

My chest is pushing again and again against his hand as your heart gallops in your chest. Each heartbeat jolts the center of your breast with want. It is hard to believe it is your husbands voice. It isn’t sharp or mean but holds a command that is completely unlike the man you know. It is a demand that makes your knees weak and my mouth close with compliance. He runs his hand along the simple red panties I am wearing beneath my skirt. He teases his hands along the openings of where my panties meet the tops of my legs. He feels me shiver at the gentle tickling, then his hand moves slowly down to my hot crevice. He can feel the firmness of my mound as he presses his fingers against me. The next time his finger penetrates a quarter inch between my lips. Now he can feel how humid I am through the cotton and his organ spasms with excitement. I have to bite my lower lip to keep from crying out. It is as if he has unzipped the heated container of my passion. Then slowly I feel him circle his index finger around my pussy. It starts slowly, and I feel a sort of agony as the friction of his finger drags pleasurably around me [you watch him pleasure another and take pride in his ability beauty intensity to be with another]. He speeds up a little and then begins to slowly apply force. The pressure increases until I feel the finger begin to penetrate. He continues to twirl his finger as he applies just enough pressure to slowly enter me. I clench my thigh muscles tightly as every nerve in my body threatens to explode under the intense feelings. The pleasure continues as he presses his way farther in, the walls of my womanhood crying out as the rotating finger washes over them. Unable to bite my lip anymore I give in and begin to moan and scream as he presses his entire finger inside. My thighs tighten even more and my breathing is so ragged I begin to feel lightheaded.

you are a spy in the house of lust…do you like to watch?

Bigmaninkgva 33M/33F

11/8/2005 4:13 pm

Amazing....this is fucking amazing. More. I want more of this. Where does it go from here tell us? We have to meet you soon .

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