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10/31/2005 2:49 am

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Call me.

I woke up with a feeling of emptiness between my legs, wishing there was a hand, or lips, or a cock to fill it. I started the day moist, a feeling of intensity in my body, crying out for yours.

I spent the whole day talking with you or remembering the words you use that get me so aroused. Thinking of the things your hands body could do to make my body need you even more.

The time went by through the day, and the more I wanted, the more I needed. Moistness turned to wetness. A sexual haze began, staring off into space, imagining everything I wanted to do to you, everything I needed done to me.

After hours of teasing, I broke a little. I had to hear you, even though it would torture me to not be able to experience you fully. The phone rang, that wonderful, deep voice called out, “I want you.”

And my body clenched.

Listening to the stroke of your hand, up and down your cock. Listening to the want and need in your voice. Listening to the urgent, guttural moans as you came.

I wanted nothing more than to reach between my legs and cum with you. But there were too many people around, and I couldn’t do it.

We continued to tease through the rest of the afternoon. My body tuned to your every word, needing you more and more by the minute.

Finally, I could leave the torture, and go find my pleasure.

When all was quiet around me, I lit a candle and put on music. I undressed and lay out on the bed as if waiting for you.

I started by taking a breast into each hand, slowly squeezing, the nipples caught between my fingers. Imagining your lips, pulling them into your mouth, tongue caressing, teeth nipping.

I couldn’t wait any longer. My hand stroked down my stomach and rested on my pussy. The middle finger pushed between the lips and pressed against my clit.

My hips bucked off the bed at the touch. Two fingers began playing with my clit, rubbing, pressing, pinching.

My hand traveled further. Palm pressing against my clit, I pushed two fingers inside. My hand was now drenched with the wetness, making the slide of a third finger easy.

I pumped the fingers inside, enjoying the feeling, the rub of my palm.

But soon, it wasn’t enough. I grabbed the vibrator. Without any waiting, I pushed it inside me, the wetness easing the way.

I turned it on low, feeling the light vibrations inside. I slowly began to move it in and out, pressing it against me.

I imagined it was your cock filling me, pushing into me. I remembered the sound of you stroking your cock, as the vibrator moved in the wetness, making the sounds you love so well.

Slowly the speed of the vibrator and pace in which it was pushing into me increased. The vibrations were buzzing throughout my body.

I imagined you there with me on the bed, watching me as you stroked yourself. My body began to tense in that familiar way.

My hand furiously moving the vibrator inside me, my thighs and ass saturated in my arousal.

As my body swelled and broke, I remembered the sound as you came. My pussy spasmed frantically, continuing for what seemed like forever.

I turned the vibrator off and pulled it out while the spasms were still ongoing, my body twitching helplessly in delight.

After I began to calm and come back to myself, I blew out the candle and got under the covers. My body hummed as I lay there, wondering what new delights the next day’s conversation will bring.

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