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11/15/2005 3:43 am

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i adjust my countenance, appearance to be imitated or copied. but really i am such a jester, a fool in your court, a maid to your archangelic, enchanting, gin and tonic eyes. in the ways i wear my hair, the ways i move my fingers like they are streaming through pools of water. they certainly are frigid enough to be immersed in icey streams. you live by your deconstructionist thoughts, and i live in my phantasia. we will run away, palm to palm and become kami, conceived as spirits abiding in natural phenomena.

feverish covetousness, for your kiss, evoking my mental state, thoughts. thought which usually lies in beds of photographic landscapes, and sometimes in people with extraordinary qualities, such as yourself & your transcendental ways. but i think only of you while i make my silly faces, and how you tasted just like burning pine trees and black coffee. parted lips, and narrowed eyes.

my blood is poisened, rotting flesh under gold leaf egyptian bracelets that i wear religiously. it rejects the object, tending to produce green pigment when cultured on dried black blood media. my body is a horrid outer description of me these days, i feel fatiqued, restless and not at all satisfied with my appearance. lacerations and secound degree burns lace up and down my arm like a corset of memories and exquisite torture. i did these to myself, yet i didn't really. you did, or so you would like to think. as would i, because that kind of weakness is unlike me. you will be the death of me.

in the mornings, i eat like a deity of sorts. fresh wild berries in the blender with a mixture of soy milk, egg nog, peanut butter and bananas. then i toss in half a cup of coffee. i sit outside by the pool & garden, by myself in the white victorian metal chairs and i excerise my intellectual vigor. the healing, restoration of spiritual wholenessthe transition, shedding of skin has begun again. the disgard is between yellow and blue and unsound, almost invisible to the human observer. but when it is forever gone, i hold a latent source of power, strength in my new beauty. and then we shall have a meeting of the minds. the beauty of the venture is that we stand to lose nothing.

i want to taste the juice of your cunt. I want to lap it up from you. i want to know what your lust tastes like. I want to smell your secret desire. i want to smell you early in the morning and kiss you late at night. I want to be your friend and lover. i want you to own me.

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