Dawn Awakes Chapter Three  

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11/17/2005 1:01 pm

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Dawn Awakes Chapter Three

Afterwards, they both laid in bed huddled together with the covers wrapped around them.

"What's that face for?" she asked leaning into his face. His eyes were watching hers. The ceiling fan was turned on.

"I don't know. Something doesn't feel right," John said, peering into her eyes. Olivia's hair was in a ponytail, pinned up. Her right hand was behind her head with the elbow on the pillow. She smelled of lilac. Her left hand moved across John's forehead, brushing aside his hair.

She hesistated. "You're still sweaty."

"Yeah," he sighed looking at her lips, then her sweet brown eyes.

"I want something real. Something tangible," continued John. "You know. I want someone who will be with me through my life."

"We just met and fucked, dear," she said flatly, bluntly as she bit her lip.

"No. No. That's not what I meant," John said shaking his head.

"I made you cum. Didn't you love that?" Olivia rolled on top of John and threw the covers off the bed.

"I loved it," he said smiling.

"No, I mean I REALLY made you cum," she said assuredly staring into his eyes. Her eyes were wide almost scary looking.

"What do you mean?"

"You know EXACTLY what I mean." She shoved John's legs apart and pushed one of her legs in between his and started humping him. She kissed his neck. John felt her hairy mound against his. His cock became semi-stiff instantly.

"Oh, look. Someone's ready to fuck," she said nodding. Her humping became aggressive. She moved his hands over his head and then intwined her hands into his holding them tight.

"No, this isn't what I want."

"Yes, it is." She moved her hips upward and then back. "Aahhh. There we go. You're inside my wet pussy."

Her legs were around his and her hips moved liked an animal in heat.

"I can be anything you want, baby. I can be your slave bitch in bed," she said seductively in a devilish way.

"My cock is so hard inside you," John stated.

"Come on, baby. Mama needs a fuck. Show me what you got."

John pushed back hard. Their intwined hands were loosening. John yanked her close, then rolled on top of her.

"Come on, Olivia," he said. "Wrap your legs around me tight."

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