Dawn Awakes Chapter One Continued  

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11/7/2005 10:30 am

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Dawn Awakes Chapter One Continued

John's finger easily slipped in Olivia.

"She's so wet," he thought. "I'll have to stroke her good."

Olivia gasped. She felt John add another finger into her. Her pussy tightened as he moved in and out.

"Faster," she sighed, spreading her legs wider.

They were kissing each other's lips, upper lips, bottom lips, full on the mouth. It didn't matter. John even kissed her nose.

He felt her right hand move around his pants, find his stiffness, and began rubbing it slowly but pressing hard.

"Wait. Stop. Please, stop."

Olivia halted. Her swelled lips were pinkish. John's fingers slowly left her crotch.

"Um, I need it to breath."

Olivia looked puzzled, brows dismayed, head swinging west.

"I'm serious. You got it so hard. It needs to breath."

She giggled, covering her mouth.

"Come on. I'm serious."

She laughed out loud. "That is so funny."

"Yeah, funny," John said not laughing.

Olivia replied, "Here. Let's drive to your place and continue what we started."

She rummaged through her purse and gave John her keys.

John drove her car to his house. They walked hand in hand, and as they entered, the first thing Olivia said was "Bedroom, please."

John saw her undress and walk her way to his bedroom. He caught a glimpse of her back and cute but. His tongue felt like biting on it, his hands felt like squeezing them, and his dick felt like fucking her from behind.

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