Dawk Awakes Chapter Two Continued  

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Dawk Awakes Chapter Two Continued

John's eyes widened with anticipation. Olivia had let go of his hands and rolled on top of him with ease. Her weight was on John.

"You relax and enjoy," she commanded. He placed his hands behind his head.

He felt his stiffness pushed against his mound and her crotch rubbing slowly on it forward and back. She straddled him. Her knees bent on both sides of him.

Looking up, his ceiling fan was off. Both of Olivia's hands were on his chest. He heard her breathing heavily. Her dreamy eyes appeared lusty. He took in her sex scent deeply.

Their eyes linked.

"Why are you smiling?" she asked coyly.

"I love this. My cock is so hard." The nipples of her shapely breasts lightly touched his every now and then.

"I know. I feel it. My pussy lips must be swelling. Look at my pussy." She looked down as she said this.

John saw her mound moving up and down, massaging his dick. Her pussy was curly and hairy. He saw his rod's head peeking through sometimes.

"Tell me something, John."

"Like what?"

"Like, is this what you do with all the church ladies?" she said giggling.

"No way. You're my first victim," he laughed.

Olivia laughed too. Her breasts bounced.

"You like it, John. Don't you?"

"Yes," he sighed. "I can hear how wet you are. Its great."

"Would you like me to rub you faster?"

"Oh YEAH!"

Her hips moved and added pressure on him. John moved his hands from behind his head to Olivia's but and squeezed.

"Come here, baby," John said. Olivia's breasts were now in front of him. Her hands were clenched on the pillow.

John started licking and sucking her right breast as he squeezed her but tighter.

"YES," she said. "Suck them, baby. Mama needs her breasts sucked."

John's lips were locked on her right breast. His tongue licked her nipple.

"SUCK THEM," Olivia shouted. "Don't tease me."

John sucked her breast. His hands fell away from her tush. One of them moved over to left breast, while the other hand hooked onto the bed.

He heard Olivia's hands grab the bars of the bed. Their breathing was deep and loud.

"Suck, baby. Suck," she said. Her pussy was pouncing on John's dick.

John's eyes dilated. He was slowly stopping as he realized his stiffness was inside her.

"Don't worry. Keep going, John."

Her pussy was hot, tight, and sliding on his rod. He was thrusting upward. He felt the cold air on his shaft each time he went out before going back into her vagina.

The bars of the bed were shaking. John knew she was holding onto the bed for support.

He stopped sucking her breast, moved his hands back on to her tush. Then he moved up forward to kiss Olivia's neck, then her lips.

"You need this, baby," she said in between breathes.

"I need you, Olivia."

John kissed her hard on the lips.

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