Damn, rip roaring drunk!  

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2/22/2006 1:07 am

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Damn, rip roaring drunk!

It's 4 AM, I have only slept like 2 hours in the last 48, and I am shitfaced drunk. I went out to the bar next to my hotel and just had one drink... then as I was going to go home I asked the bartender what there was to do in the area. I was thinking about tomorrow. He said there was a good club just around the corner, and that it was hopping on Tuesdays. So, I went to see... And I had a few drinks at the bar, then went up to the night club upstairs...

I ran in to a random guy, who happened to be a school teacher out with a crowd of other people who turned out to also be teachers (both my parents are teachers). For some reason he latched on to me and introduced me to all his friends, so I hung out with them and drank more. And more. And danced like a retard. 3 hours of boozing and dancing, then at last call I said farewell and headed out. My car got ticketed for illegal parking! Fucking spots were not marked private property, but nothing I can really do about it. $48 for parking I guess. %$^&%$&^$

I have consumed at least a gallon of water. I hope it will reduce the hangover! I'll let you know tomorrow!

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