Ever have ???  

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9/25/2005 6:05 am

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Ever have ???

have you ever had a person at a swing club (or swingers circle where clubs are not at) so interested in you after you have had an incounter with them that they turn into a "puppy dog"? You know, the one that really is a newbie in the art of sex that when they get with you and you show them your skills, they just start following you and wanting to keep getting with you. Or You are not impressed with them or did not enjoy what they do for any number of reasons. Yet, they still trail you around? I (the female of this couple) have had several and I have tried several ways to explain that I do not have interest in playing with them but do enjoy having them as a friend. sometimes it works but there are those that just get all mad and will not talk to you and then there are others that get angry and start telling crap... The only one I am totally and completely attached to and want and need to be with all the time is my husband. I do love hanging out with friends w/benefits but I am not going to stalk them and I don't want to be stalked either.There is not really any other way to say that but as stalking.

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10/27/2005 7:56 pm

don't really know the feeling ,but i understand what u r saying, well as u know u cant have sex and play with every one u meet, but on most occasions ,what i have done in just be polite(even if they r not) and say its my wife or girlfriends decision, ha ha ha blame it on the other one ha ha , some times work sometimes don't ,but give it a try. and another is the if u r not sure , " LIE" ha ha ha until u r sure if u an them wanna get together. small white lies lets c now ,oh i got one we live on a ranch in yigo and the road is bad and hard to have fun cause we don't go out that much, and if they still insist sent them on a journey where they cant find the place ,and insist that u gave them the "right direction". maybe a little cruel , but if they cant take a hint"FUCK 'EM" HA HA HA HA HOLLA!!!!

ActiveCplSeeking 41M/53F

11/5/2005 5:05 pm

Well, Had to have a heart to heart with the puppy... not me... my hubby had to do it. I was getting no where with it... and I am a very blunt person and I guess some may say a bit mean with it. But I guess with it coming from the person who's space this person was trying to take over made the puppy really listen.... newbies to this lifestyle need to be guided but damn, they at least should listen !! I guess we run that risk every time we decide to take a newbie *under our wing* so to speak.
As for trying to LIE,,,, well we are too straight foward for that.. to blunt you could say. We like the honestly and openness of our lifestyle ... we have found that you can have soo much more fun from relationships (friendships) doing things that way.
Hey blackjoy671, if you are up to it.. contact us... would enjoy chatting with you...

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