Some silly people  

Absurdaholic 47M
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9/8/2006 9:05 pm
Some silly people profile doesn't have a photo. Anybody who takes a look HAS to notice that. I got an email from a member who READ my profile. I think she seems pretty cool, attractive photo, profile seems intriuging, etc. and I REPLY to her email.

Then I get a response saying she won't accept emails from folks without photos in their profile. That was just silly.

She really seemed like somebody I wanted to get to know too, based on her profile.

I have nothing against sharing a photo mind you, it's just that I usually screen with an email exchange first.

I also have nothing against folks who insist on seeing a photo...but she should have mentioned that in her email.

Anyway, I was very dissapointed in this incident.

This is my petty rant for the day.

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