The Erotica Show  

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11/25/2005 9:09 am

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The Erotica Show

So I'm utterly bored at work and thought I'd write my blog for the week. Two topics to choose from: Office relationships or Erotica in London. Perhaps I should stick to the latter.

Last Thursday I travelled the hour or so to Olympia in London for the annual Erotica show. Well, I say the hour or so it eventually took me nearly four hours after a business associate was delayed. You'd be surprised just how much there is to do in Liverpool Street station for an hour and half! I just love reading and walked around the book shops there, but I didn't want to carry anything around with me all day so had to forgo it all....still, that's what Amazon's for I guess.

This was my second visit to the show and it still is an eye opener. I never knew there was so much depravity and perversion in the was Although I was there on business it was still fun to go around all the exhibitions. I guess there were probably about 70 odd companies exhibiting from erotic artist, to porn stars, to DVD manufacturers and hot dog sellers. A weird and wacky world.

Highlights for me were the £7,000 adult playstation which naturally didn't include delivery or installation. Think the size of a four poster bed and you're in the right area! Also, some fantastic gold and silver statues showing all kinds of erotic poses - but I can't help wondering who buys these things? My eye was taken by one of their coffee tables. I had a glass top, and underneath, in gold, was a lady on her back, legs akimbo, showing her pussy and holding the glass up. Now, just where do you put that....I can imagine it - more tea, vicar?

From a sex toy point of view there were a couple of interesting stands. The Nero male G-spot toy looked a tad frightening as you insert it into your anus to reach your prostrate. Mmm, I enjoy cumming but not sure I want that to happen up there thank you very much. Still, not as bad as the hammer. Honestly, this dildo designed for a man and from a gay and lesbian stand was as big as my forearm. It was huge and brought tears to both mine and my business colleagues eyes. I reckon it was as wide as a mug and 15 inches long. Seriously, if you wanted to rob a bank you could quite easily use it as a cosh!

So what else can you see there. Plenty of kinky fashion outlets, and fetish shops which is not something I really go for - though some of the T-shirts were very humorous....not sure I could wear them around work though! Also at least three or four companies selling whirlpools or spas or showers. Seems an incongruous item at such event, and at the prices they were charging I don't suppose they sold too many.

Of course, there was plenty of companies selling R18 DVD's at the show and I managed to pick up one that had a former conquest in! She was very good in both the film and real life - very kinky. I recall cumming on her tits and then licking the spunk up and in to her mouth which she then promptly swallowed. I have to admit, watching two girls play with spunk is such a turn on - and even more so if its

Well, that was an enjoyable day over and done with. Tiring, and not to many fab gifts to talk about.

Let's hope next year's show is even better and hopefully, I'll be there with a stand to say 'hello'!

Till next time.

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