The Child, the Writer and the Photographer  

AaronJPoe 30M
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7/20/2006 2:50 am
The Child, the Writer and the Photographer

Did you think,
That a box could hold… a secret?
One like this?

Dear Alice?
Did you love him?
Your picture sitting in front of me:
Tiny fingers,
Hands cover what once was sacred.

How long did that box hold you?
How long did your box rein fright… upon thee?

Did he touch you?

Did he?
Did he:
And how often?

The evil he must’ve done…
And of course,
The wardrobe,
The witch,
The lion…
All are divine items:

All he has given the bible,
His god.

How are’t thou now?
Is it pleasant this time of year,
In that part of hell?

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