Getting Caught by Friend's Mom!!  

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10/15/2005 8:31 am

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Getting Caught by Friend's Mom!!

Actually I saw this question posted and after reading some of the replies, I had to post my own beyond bad memory, vivid as ever as much as I have tried to forget it. I got in late on that one, so I decided to start my first blog with it also... When I was 13 I was sleeping over at one of my regular fuck
buddies house. We were down in the basement where they had
it all set up with a bar, pool table, etc. and around 2am we
finally got around to the real fun! Usually his mom was passed
out from drinking her Boons Farm and smoking her Moors by
then. And this night was kinda special! It was the first
time doing anal, and after a hell of a lot of redneck foreplay,
I got him laying back on the pool table with his legs hiked
up, and thanks to a can of Crisco from his mom's kitchen
I finally got all in and was going at it good, picking up speed
to where you could here the slap slap slap sounds... and
he must have really gotton into it because he starts howling
like a hound with every stroke till it turned into a high
pitched wail and he started shooting all over the place
just from me riding that ass! And I was soooo close... untill
suddenly I hear his Mother running down the stairs screaming
at the top of her lungs "STOP!STOP THAT NOW! YOUR GONNA
HURT YOURSELVES! and she started beating me from behind
with a damn broom! I'm trying to get away from her and
can't turn around without getting a mouthfull of that
corn broom stuff and he's got his legs locked around
me and holding on for dear life as I somehow manage to scoop
him up off the table and back up till we got behind the bar,
still "connected", mainly because he was hiding
the best he could from her seeing his face as we did some backward
piggy back together around the room! And it only got even
more bizare from that point, I think she actually thought
were were "stuck" together like dogs or something!
Still screaming and telling me to get outa there now before
she called his Dad and the police for my buddy begged
her to go back upstairs so we could "disengage"
in private and get our clothes on! So she finally made her
way back up crying and saying she always knew what a "dirty
boy" I was, ever since we were in 3rd. grade and I took
a pamplet to school that I found in my Mom's dresser
that was called "Now that you are 10... by Kotex"!
(I kind of taught the whole 3rd. grade class what "periods" were... several years too early! Our phone rang
off the hook to where we finally had to get a unlisted number!)
And that I believe was the one and only time getting caught,
and that was enough to last a lifetime!

rm_ImWarm4U 66M
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10/17/2005 11:26 am

Now, that was fun to read! Though I'm sure it was not a fun night at the time. Did you two get together any more after that crazy night?

Hippink 35F
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10/24/2005 2:33 pm

Was your buddy grounded for life after that??? I can't even imagine how I would handle that situation, had I been the mother. Let's hope my son never lets me catch him! YIKES! Although, I know I'd be a hell of a lot more open-minded, and just check to make sure they're using condoms.
Thanks again for sharing your story!

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