Warts and all...  

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12/2/2005 1:50 pm

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Warts and all...

The death of extremes. There are no pure substances, and there are no perfect circles. Everything has a defect. Science takes perfect scenarios and attempts to apply them to reality in order to estimate, as best as it can, those realities. Then, it takes those applications, and fiddles with each by degrees, modelling defects, but only in a controlled system. Science must limit the variables in order to filter out the cause and effect of whatever phenomena they study.

People have similar 'defects,' and apply similar methodologies in trying to ascertain their motives. We use extremes to create opinions and to reach conclusions. We call some of these 'stereotypes,' or we call them 'cultural beleifs' and label behaviour outside of these descriptions as 'anomalies.' We call her a 'bitch' and him an 'asshole,' but do so in a closed-system, not applying every complexity, every detail, of their past, present, future. When we feel we have successfully ascertained the quality of the individual, we boast "I'm a good judge of character" and casually cast aside our own limitations by oversimplification. This tendency, is a lack of humility, a lack of considering variables in the human condition. We dissect appearances, and negate the experience of others even when it supercedes our own. We are flippant, and negligent in our lack of understanding. We are scientists of ego, and we still can't admit that we are puzzled by the genious of the heart.

ticktock500 44M

12/7/2005 11:10 pm

fucking right on, man.
(for lack of better.)

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