Global Warming: Truth or Farce?  

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11/29/2005 8:11 am

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Global Warming: Truth or Farce?

Although I admire the sentimental stance against environmental degradation in the form of global warming, there are some things I would like to clarify for the casual reader.
First, it is widely accepted that the earth is 4.6 billion years old. To put that in perspective, humans have inhabited the planet for 0.000005% of total earth history. If you were to condense all of earth’s time into a year, dinosaurs would roam the earth on the second week of December and become extinct two weeks later. Humans would arrive 12 minutes before midnight on December 31st. Agriculture is ‘invented’ one-minute to midnight. The Roman Empire falls 5 seconds to midnight, and modern culture began 2 seconds to midnight. Do you really expect that, in our 2 seconds, we would have the capacity to skew the entire global climate system?

Greenhouse gases are blamed as the main culprit in climate change. It should be noted that climate change as measured is only as good as the date from which measuring began. Moreover, volcanic activity, which has been occurring from the nascence of the planet Earth, is a large contributor in aerosol emission, particularly sulphur dioxide. Volcanos are also an emitter of CO2, and a single eruption can emit as much as a small city (30,000 to 50,000) does in one year. The past century has been relatively volcanically quiescent. However, there are more volcanos in the ocean than subaerially, which do not make the news, as they are not near populated centres.

Cyclicity in global climate is a proven fact–ice ages are a reality in earth’s history. The end of an ice age represents the beginning of long time global warming. The beginning is the opposite. Therefore there is either global warming or global cooling. It should be noted that the dawn of an ice age, in some scientific opinions, can be dramatic in terms of time, within a 30 year span. I have not mentioned ‘little ice-ages’ of recent history–how do these anomalies fit into global pattern?

The movement of the continents (plate tectonic shifts) also governs global climate, as their position directly affects the gulf stream, whose own position is paramount in governing global climactic change.

All these factors must be weighed-in (among a shitload of others) before the human impact can be calculated. That’s just good science; the earth is not a closed-system, and scientifically, this makes the earth model poorly understood, despite what our greatest minds have achieved. To me, anthropogenic global warming does not stand up to the sharpened edge of Occam’s Razor. Why disregard billions of years worth of scientific evidence, to make room for data pertaining to the last 150?

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