Confrontation over a Girl in Bar by the Sea  

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11/25/2005 7:34 am

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Confrontation over a Girl in Bar by the Sea

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Take a swig. To the unhappiest I raise a glass (every breath is laboured now). Cackling hens gaggling like geese. Social lives made and broken under the looking glass, how you are perceived, how you perceive others perceiving you, how others perceive you perceiving others perceiving you. In frustration I tell her, "You know some, they will always pick at your bones to acheive prosperity; I guess that I've always picked at your bones just to get a piece of your dignity, because I'm just that way--if I'm thrown into the sea and I begin to drown, I grab the closest thing and bring it down with me."

Loosely fitting tights tightening loosely around a tight loosey-goosey cackling hen in rarefied air. To my left, the moondragon with dopesmoked eyes and his exact double next to him because there was so much bullshit they had to start a second pile. And piles is what he must have had that night while he did mental pushups with one arm and no releif in sight.

"You play Sorry, I play Chess" I told him, and he was deeply offended, and I looked back at her, her eyes set in suffering, but still so much light compared to my murky dark coca-cola lenses. I see her friend, looking at her vestal lips, unvirginal hips; she's a favourite to fault, and the middle-man to noise in her head. I look back again, a groovy kitty with poor math skills--she can't see that 1 and 2 are 3, and the subtraction that needs to be. Always trying to find the perfect blend of reticence and wit, whistling in allegro, a pace that suits her, but in a tone that does not. She will never reach the top shelf without some morals to stand on. I reproduce my sighs and tip my hat with a gentlemen's air, like Bogey, but less debonnaire. I wink, "I like the cut of your jib" and do the math on her behalf, the minus one, the minus me.

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