Erotic Story #2 (Freddrick's of Hollywood/Store Dressing Room)  

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Erotic Story #2 (Freddrick's of Hollywood/Store Dressing Room)

We were in Mall shopping & came to the Freddricks of Hollywood Store. You suggest we go in and look around. We enter the store and are greeted by the Saleslady, She says her name is Jane...She's 5' tall, about 120lbs, Long Red hair, and Emerald Green eyes. She has a Perfect figure...Large
36-C Breasts, small 24" waist, and Large well rounded Bubble But. She can tell both of us find her attractive, and she asks if she can help us with anything. You tell her we're looking for something to spice up our relationship.
Jane gives us a wink and tells us to follow her.

She leads us to the Dressing rooms and tells us to wait inside. As we wait, You tell me how sexy Jane is and how wet she is making You. Jane returns with a couple of sexy little outfits.
The first one she hands you is a Very thin, Bright Yellow Cut out push-up Bra, Panties, and Garter Belt set. Jane tells you to try it on. As Jane takes my hand and leads me into the Hall, You start putting it on. While you are changing,
Jane tells me how Beautiful you are, and how lucky I am to have you.

You tell us you'r ready and Jane and I walk back into the room. I'm speachless at how Sexy you look. Jane starts telling you how the Outfit looks Wonderful on you. She moves closer and cups you'r Perfect 36-DD Breasts, as she tells you about the Bra's design. You'r face gets flush as you become more aroused. Jane looks back at me and notices my Stiff Cock strainning aginst my pants.

She tells me she has something for me as well and rushs out of the room. Jane returns quickly with a little thin Black Thong, and tells me to try it on. As she turns her attention back to you, I start undressing and put the Thong on. I notice
her checking my Cock and Huge Balls out in the mirrow. All of a sudden, Jane says she has to go check the Sales Floor and Exits the room. After she leaves, we Start Kissing and Petting each other. We get so worked up, I decide to set you
down on the edge of the Bench. Once I get you seated, I get down between you'r leggs and inhale you'r sweet scent. I rub your tight little Pussy thru the thin Panties as I smell your sex.

Just as I begin a long inhale, Jane returns. She see's what I'm doing, and asks if I like the way you smell. I nod my head, then she says she has one more thing to spice up our sex life. Jane tells me to continue as she walk up close to you. She leans over and begins litely running her tongue around your Hard little Nipple. You begin breathing harded as Jane disrobes. When she gets down to her Panties, she tells me to give her the same treatment I'm giving you.

After I rub her Pussy for a moment, she tells me "put your face in my Pussy you Dirty little Pantie Sniffer". I do as she says and she asks me if I like to smell Pussy. All I can do is nod. Jane, then tells you to remove your Panties and give them to her. When you hand her the Soaked little piece of fabric, she puts it up to her nose and smells your Juices. She then moves you to the floor and mounts you in a 69 position. As the two of you go to town eatting each other out, I move behind Jane. I watch your tongue split the folds of her Red haired little Cunt from underneath.

As Jane rides your face, I move in and start slowly running my tongue all around her tight Asshole. You work one of your fingers into her Pussy, as I work one of mine into her Ass. You suck on her Swollen Clit as we finger both her Holes, till she starts to quiver and shake. Jane tells us she's about to Orgasim as she trys to keep eatting your Pussy. Then her body tightens,
and she Screams out as She Cumms. She Cumms so hard, her Juices Squirt out of her Cunt. She Soaks your face as if someone poured a glass of water on it. While she is Squirting, I move
down and help you Drink in all her Sweet Nectar.

After Jane recovers, I tell her "Keep eatting her
Pussy...We're not thru with you Yet". Jane goes
back to eatting you out with new ferver. I tell her "Make my Girl Squirt and Drink it all". By now my Dicks throbbing, so I Slid it up inside Jane's Dripping Pussy. As I slide in & out of her you Take my Fat Saggy Balls into your mouth and suck them. You can tell I'm about to Cum. You can
feel my Huge Balls swell in your mouth. Then I explode deep inside of Jane, coating the walls of her Vise like Pussy.

You feel my balls contracting and Jane sucking your Burning Clit as you Squirt all over her Face. I finally pull out of Jane's Cunt and I move around so she can suck her own sweet Juices off my Dick. Once she has me Hard again, you
tell me "Fuck her tight little Asshole". I move
back behind Jane as you Lick & Suck all of my Cum out of her Love tunnel. She goes back to Licking your Pussy as I push my Swollen Knob into her almost Virgin Ass. Jane loses control telling me "Fuck me Hard...Give it to me...Fill my Ass with your seed". I pound her as hard as I can,
Trying my best to tair that Ass up. Everytime I pull out she Tighten her Ass, Milking the Cum out of me. It doesn't take much of this before I'm Panting and Filling her Ass with all the Juice my Big Balls can deliver.

After we all catch our breath...We get dressed and gather our composure. As we get ready to leave the dressing room, Jane gives me Her Panties which are still soaked with her Juices, and tells me "These are for Later, You dirty
little Pantie Sniffer". We all laugh, and I shove
them in my pocket. We head to the counter, Pay for a couple of outfits, exchange phone numbers, and say our goodbyes.


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