Why men cheat!  

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9/26/2005 12:03 am

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Why men cheat!

I know I will probably get a lot of flack over this, but as the saying goes "the truth hurts". Most men that have been in a long term relationship find themselves wanting to cheat because they themselves have been cheated by the women they are with. Women think that once they are comfortable in their relationship they can truly be themselves. Looking after themselves properly is no longer a daily function. The everyday workout now becomes replaced with the daily trips to the mall. Endless hours of shopping is such the task and occupies the majority of the day that they are so exhausted to go home and cook. Heck, why do that when McDonalds happens to now be available in most of the shopping malls. While the hubby is hard at work counting the hours to return home to his lovely, she's at the mall spending the money he hasn't even earned yet and stuffing her face with junk. When hubby finally gets home, hungry and tired and looking for dinner, she's passed out on the couch, or watching Oprah, or Dr. Phil. When her hubby asks how come there's no dinner, the usual response of....Oh hun, I'm so sorry, I really was feeling quite ill and the smell of food made me feel nautious, but if you're hungry I'll make you something. IF HE"S HUNGRY! your damn right he's hungry. Later on at night, he's got sex on his mind while she starts dosing off dreaming about the next chocolate fix she can sneak in. So yes, women cheat first! They deprive their man of the woman he thought he was with, with a scary monster he didn't know existed. So what is a man's first reaction to the truth....let me find a woman who will please me without her knowing about it. And does he need another scary creature to latch onto him, no he will keep the one he's become accustomed to. But he will go back on the prowl to find a woman like the one he thought he found before it morphed into the bitch from hell! And that's why men cheat and why they lie to the new women they find and is the main reason why just a one night stand is good....no strings attached! Women on the other hand don't have the courage to tell the truth. They join sites like this making statements like "looking for a good time" and when one of the men respond with..."hey, you want to meet for a fuck?" the women are shocked and disgusted. If the women on this site have joined for the simple fact that they want a penpal....quit, resign, get lost, get the fuck out. Only women who like to fuck, deep throat, masturbate, jerk off and have anal sex on a one night stand are welcome. If you joined because you're lonely...go back to writing Dear Abby, or join the local PTA, or go back to Walmart. For those women who joined strictly for a fuck.....get fucking and stop the cock teasing!

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9/26/2005 12:03 pm

wow thats some piece of literature.... you are one bitter guy...if your partner isnt who you thought she was then you didnt pay attention... you saw what you wanted to see when you chose to look at all... life isnt about supper or no supper or shopping malls or chocolate... its about self respect, so you can trust enough to respect others.. if your partner is that unattentive you have a respect issue not a lazy ass female issue... and while you are complaining about her not pulling her weight ask yourself why she feels that way...when was the last time you told her ,,, hunny thanks and i appreciate it.... im on this site and not looking for a fuck in the ass or an asshole that can... im looking for a man who respects the needs of himself and his partner and can show sensuality without crassness... are you capable of the art of making love or do you only know how to fuck... hmmmmmmmm maybe after a sex session with you i would want to go shopping too...

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