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5/18/2006 7:54 am

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Not a Photograph

Not a photograph to remind me Of the time when I was Most happy When I was young and Free When I was strong and determined to make my mark on this vast world. When I was full of venom and vigor and enjoyed every minute of it, when I wouldnt back down from anyone or anything !

Not a photograph To remind me as me and My best friend standing side By side against the world and feeling like nothing could tear us apart, You where my sister then and still are.

Not a photograph to remind me of the two of us rummaging thru clearance Looking for Buried Treasures, I still have the Heart potpurrie dish and candle holder That we bought Matches of It is dusty and tarnished now but it holds memorys of that day for me and it is dear and near to my heart.

Not a photograph when I had only pennys to my name but still manage to donate money to the Humane society and Peta But life still seemed so much easier.

Not a Photograph to remind me when it seemed like the world was dancing with vibrance When We where beautiful and full of That youthful essence. When we where lighter then we are now. I remember That weight loss cookie you sold, I wonder if they worked ? And boy could I go for one now .

Not a photograph to capture all of my memorys.. When I was young and free and full of hope

I wish I had some Photographs

rm_woodmanrobbo 68M

5/18/2006 9:53 am

Very nicely done. The older we get, The more the pictures fade and we foget some of the glorius details that shaped our lives.

Have a Great Day

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