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A_Wicked_Kitty 40F
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5/18/2006 7:50 am
Me Writing about Me

I guess I seem very simple but if that is the case then I even complex a simple creature. I guess I do love the small things. What I find most important in Life is my children and my family, extended included. I am quite shy and maybe a bit withdrawn when it comes to people I do not know or that I am attracted to. It all depends on my mood. I also am known and I think it has to do with being adopted that most of well actually all of my close friends are what I consider my family and that is with perfect love and perfect trust and I would do anything for them. I am Loyal and Honest I do not lie because I have always perceived to see my self as a very bad liar, Plus I do not like to be lied to so I guess I would rather not do it to others as a hope I would not have it done to my self in return. I guess the only thing in regards to lying that I may do is I with hold the truth a great deal and or I am not completely honest or tell the whole truth. I am capable of feeling many different emotions at once and I have a very hard time expressing them. My most common emotion is of Sadness even when I am for the most part happy Im not sure why that is but I guess Ive figured its just always been me. My most profound emotion I exhibit is my anger and rage. It does not come out but once in a great while but when it does I am a true warrior. I think that one of my greatest qualities is that I am a very determined individual and when I put my mind to something I usually succeed in it. I am a survivor and always have been. I am a dreamer and am always thinking I love to Day dream. I have had plenty of people ask me why I am so quiet but I guess I treasure peace and quiet I love to stir my thoughts around in my head. I also Love to observe people I am always aware of what is going on around me I find it fun sitting and watching people in different environments. I do not Fear common things that most people might fear, I do not fear Death for my self and even for others I see its purpose and while I know and believe that it is hard to come to terms with the missing and longing for that loved one who passed on, I know that it is what happens and it is only the natural order of things. I think what is that gets me is the small thing in life that I worry about. I believe that religion in general is something that should not just be practiced as people see fit, or that it should just be a daily routine. I think what ever it is you believe should be the main core with in you it should inspire and influence your daily decisions, When I have had people in my past who asked me if I would ever consider changing my beliefs and I simply ask them if they Like the person standing in front of them? Then I proceeded to tell them that changing that aspect in me would change me entirely that my beliefs are me, I live them and I embrace them. My beliefs have been apart of me as long as I can remember granted I had know idea what to call the religion and the way I was raised it wasnt what I believed in, I tried to but it just didnt feel right when I was 16 I began searching and studying I had an idea of where to find it but I didnt begin there that was the last place I looked. I am normally a very instinctual person and I have a 6th sense that is apart of me. My goal in life is to leave a proud legacy behind for my children. Maybe not one of money or power but one of knowledge and inspiration I want them to be proud of the achievements I have made in my life. I want them to say and mean it I can do anything that I set my mind to my mommy said so and she did it! And I want them to not just do it but to do it and succeed in it. I enjoy Life and after meeting some one recently I have realized that I am not as gloomy as I had always seen my self as. I am at least capable of seeing the big picture, The silver lining amongst the negative things. I feel I should add this I normally very forgiving and understanding person or at least I try to be.. I am Affectionate and maybe a little territorial hey what can I say its the feline in me! But Thats enough about Me for now!

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