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1/9/2006 5:22 pm

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So here I am in this wide open car underground car garage of my apartment building leaning up against my car. With this sexy, seductive woman on her knees, one hand playing with my nuts the other stroking my erect cock at the same time she is deep throating every inch of it. All I could help but think about is the strange events that occurred leading up to this moment.

Earlier in the week I was returning from a long day at a photo shoot, camera equipment in tow. When I turned the corner of the hallway toward my apartment there’s was a small figure bent over a few small moving boxes. As I got closer the figure jumped up to reveal an attractive woman around 30. When she jumped up her deep brunette locks flew into the air catching on her lips, she only stood 5'5" and couldn’t be more than 100lbs. She was wearing those lululemon pants that made her ass look like it could hold a drink on it without spilling a drop; she had a tinny T on that read "Brunettes do it better" across her large but perky tits. I couldn’t help but say hello, she smiled and returned the salutation. I walked bye towards my apartment and unlocked the door. I turned back and said "I’m Dave", she replied with a smile "Nice to meet you I’m Monika"

The next day I got up early and started out the door, when I got to the elevator it was just closing, I barely snuck in. When I looked up there she was with a smile on her face “Good morning" she said. I returned the greeting a little of guard though. I spent the entire way down thinking of what to say to her, however at the moment I did the doors opened and she walked out.

A few days went bye and I hadn’t seen her. I was quit sad because I still wanted to talk with her. I was on my way down to my car in the parking garage under my building, when a car pulled up right next to mine. I started to jump in my car when I noticed it was her getting out of the other car. I finally spit out what I had thought of saying the other day "How was the move in, all settled now?” She smirked and replied "yes it wasn’t bad." She walked around to the other side of my car right next to me and proceeded to say "I’ve missed you the past few days" with her hands on my chest. At that point I wasn’t too sure what was going on, but my cock was preparing for what he thought was going on.

Now that we are all caught up here I think we can get to the good part. So there we were her flirting looking around for other people. She turned to me and said "you know what’s sad, with all this moving I haven’t had time for any fun!" Then out of now where she grabs my cock through my jeans, looking me in the eyes she asks "can you help me?" Of course I oblige to help the girl why should I be the one to disappoint her.

With a grin from ear to ear she started un-wrapping my cock from my jeans like a kid at Christmas. Finally she gets to the "present" grabbing my cock with booth hands and swallowing it all the way back, moaning at the taste of my pre-cum. She spends a good 6 minuts on her knees until I start to build up such a throb that she can tell I’m about too blow. As I start too breath harder moan slightly she looks up and says "fuck me in the ass". She Jumps up bending over the hood of my car revealing that she was not wearing any panties under her skirt.

With out saying a work I flip her skirt out of the way as she spreads her cheeks. I got up close and started to slide my cock in her asshole, it seamed to slide in so easily but her little hole was so tight better than a virgin pussy. She moaned with ecstasy cumming almost instantly, as I started running my cock in and out of her she began to moan and even scream time to time. After a few minuts I hear a noise come from behind me. She looks back at me and says "forget about that, fuck me harder" Again I don’t want to disappoint her so I proceed to ramp my cock as far up her tight little ass as I could.

She began to scream louder and louder making my load harder and harder to keep back. She screams out "I’m cumming" so loud that it makes my start to build the load. Almost like she knew I was about to blow she turned back around fell to her knees and grabbed my dick, jerking it so fast that it only took a few seconds to blow my load all over her face. She took every drop on her face top to bottom. After I was finished with my load she began to wipe every drop from her face and lick it off her fingers like it was honey. Then gave my cock a few kisses for good measure and strolled off to the elevators leaving me there pants around my ankles.

Ohh and bye the way that noise I heard was the mom from 2015, now she is following me around the building....

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