What I want in my Sex Partner  

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8/18/2005 10:36 pm

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What I want in my Sex Partner

I have burned out a few women with my efforts to fulfill my ultimate sexual fantasies.
My ex wouldn't even hear anything resembling conversations containing subject matter like 3somes, anal and ropes.
Dogs were out, too.
So was group sex.

D. fucked my brains out regularly until I mentioned I wanted to watch her suck off 2 men and then have all 3 of us fuck her.
She freaked and called me a sex addict, as if that title was a bad thing.

N. was a really good fuck. She was also a lawyer.
Chubby with big tits and a very tight pussy and a smooth, tight ass, too.
She loved anal and she loved sucking me off in public places, from my car to the beach.
Yet, she wanted me to be in love with her; all I wanted was a really hot pussy who loved fucking and sucking cock.

Then, I met R. She is 28, about my daughter's age, which really turns me on.....
What makes this relationship special is how we began, which was through the internet. We began chatting about fantasies and sure enough, we began cybering, alot and then, phone sex.
What was amazing how eager she wants to try everything I have fantasized about.

I want to dress her in a black leather mini with white go go boots, a see-through chamisole with no bra and of course, she has no panties.

I want us to go to a sleasy, darklit bar.
We sit in a booth and order shots of tequila.
Under the table, I want to slide my finger into her slit. We chat and drink, with my finger buried deep inside her.
I want to her hear moan loudly so the guys can hear her.
I want her to unzip my jeans and pull out my shaft and stroke me under the table.
We chat, drink and stroke each other.
Maybe one of the guys sees us; maybe he doesn't it.
I would gesture a good looking man to sit with us.
I would tell him she is stroking my cock.
I would tell him she wants to stroke his cock.
Under the table, she is stroking 2 cock.
I tell her I want to take him home and watch her suck him, then have him fuck her, then I fuck her, with his hot cum still buried deep inside her.
I want to watch her tits bounce as she takes turns sucking on a stranger's cock and my cock.
I want to finger her as she sucks his big fat cock.
I want to see his hard cock deep inside R, knowing her pussy is being trained by me.
Then, I want to fuck her and talk to her about how I am going to take her to bars and find men for her and have them fuck her.
I want her pussy filled with cock, on my terms.
I want to watch her body quiver and shake as one man after another fuck her.
I want to watch her take one cock after another into her mouth. I hope they spill cum all over her tits and chin.
Then, I tie her up and I will fuck her as long and as often as I want.
Then, I will free her and tell her her pussy is no longer hers, but mine. I will fuck that pussy of mine anyway I see fi

What is your fantasy?

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