What God forgot to mention  

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7/17/2005 3:27 am

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What God forgot to mention

The bible says something about God resting on Sunday. What God forgot to mention, people love to fuck on Saturday night.
I get this radio call early Sunday morning. I had just dropped 4 elderly Asian women at the local Methodist Church. I have been shuttling Christians all day long; they are cheap tipsters but they have lovely smiles on Sunday.

I get this radio call to go Valencia and DuBoce, in the Mission. I ring the apartment building.
A typical Queen Anne Victorian for San Francisco; old paint, non-descript but functional with a quiet beauty from its former glory days.
I wait. And wait.
Then, out comes this couple, both in their late 20s. He wraps his arms around her and kisses her and doesn't let go. She is pulling at his hands to free herself. This is 7am, Sunday morning and God is resting.
She gets in my cab, laughing.
I ask where to and she says anywhere to get away from him.
Well, I fucked my first jew, she says.
I wonder if I left my panties.
I am adjusting my rearview mirror.
She lifts her skirt up. I see a partially shaved pussy.
Oh fuck, she laughs.
He wanted me so I let him fuck me.
He wasn't a good fuck but I wanted to see his dick, you know?
Yeah, I get you.
Well, I certainly will be the talk of my office tomorrow, she laughs.
I can imagine.
I wanted to think she was a good Christian.
God rested but people fuck on Saturday night.
I wonder if God had intended for people to get drunk, fuck and go to church the next day.
Just curious.

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