George W Bush and a TV Fuck  

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9/3/2005 10:55 pm

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George W Bush and a TV Fuck

George W Bush is what is wrong with this country; no fucking imagination.

Life is a blank canvas filled with opportunities to make things better, to fulfill our lives up with happiness, creativity, wonder, erotic sex, joyful pleasures, kinky imagination, laughter and good food. The Big Mac sucks, ok?
Give me In and Out burgers, anytime.

The answers to life is not on Oprah or Dr Phil; they are reflections of how bad things have become.
No fucking imagination.

What amazes me is how people us the internet exactly as they would be in real life. The internet is a world of limitless boundaries and what do people do with it? They masturbate; they fill their blogs with painfully lonely diary descriptions; they complain how they can't meet someone; they whine about everything under the sun.
Our lives are as full as we make it. The internet/blog is a reflection of how full or empty our lives are. By the look at other people's blogs; AdultFriendFinder people are lonely, boring, uninteresting, unimaginative and always horny.
Maybe the blog attracts lonely people who are filling the emptiness in their lives.

Why not fill their blogs with imagination, wild erotic beauty or solutions to the world's George Burns used to say..."To bad the people who know how to run the country are cutting hair and driving cabs"......
If you don't know who George Burns was, please go to Google and find out; he is an American icon.

Imagination is a good thing:

I have been using AdultFriendFinder to fulfill my sexual fantasies. Hard work, not doubt, but I get lucky once in a while.
Some of my fantasies include 3somes, group sex, meeting a woman who would be my slut/slave, sex in public places; having a torrid affair with a married woman under 40 (I am 50); watching a woman have sex with a dog; organizing a gangbang for a woman; just the normal male fantasies, I imagine.
So far, I have met a married couple for a 3some (lasted 2 years); I met a married woman and as I fucked her ass, I told her she was my slut.
I have been to a few gangbangs.
So far, so good.

My episodes I have written on my blog are true but I have elaborated a bit for dramatic flair.
(why not make a true life event perfect?)
The women are real; the episodes are real; I tweaked time and place and switched women and created dialogue for effect; the sexual episodes are real, thank you very much.....

I use my imagination for good use.
Imagination is a good thing; I find and meet pussy using my imagination.

Life is far more exciting, liveable and less painful, more erotic using imagination.
You go to work; you pay your bills and taxes; you watch sports; you go to bars; you go to church; you flirt; you try to get laid; life is more than this, my good friend.

Now for a TV fuck:

I met M. again the other night.
She is hispanic, over 45, huge, full tits, chubby,
wonderful smile and gorgeous brown eyes.
She is self conscious about her weight.
As if she is the only woman in America who is concerned about her weight.
So, she talks about dinner that includes only salad and dietary shit.
I want something more substantial.
I order Indian food to go.
We eat in the kitchen; we talk about our exlovers.
I have a few beers; she sips one beer and is giddy.
She washes out the plates.
I stand behind her rubbing her large, hispanic nipples.
She moans and giggles.
She pretends to ignore me.
I lift her skirt and fondle her.
She moans again, saying loudly to stop.
Sure, I say.
You will make me drop the plates.

I sit on the sofa, watching her.
Her cat walks by, sniffs my boot and gives me a dirty look.
She sits next to me and begins talking to her cat.
She turns on the TV news.
I lean over and kiss her neck.
She ignores me.
I massage her left breast, nibbling her neck.
She continues to watch the news.
I remove her spaghetti strap and slide the strap down her arm.
Her breasts are exposed; no bra.
She turns toward the tv, ignoring me.
I kneel in front of her and I grab both tits and suck one nipple at a time.
She says nothing but watches tv.
All the while this is turning me on.
I tell her to turn and watch the tv with her back to me.
I tell her to get on all fours, kneeling on her large couch, as she watches the tv news about a hurricane.
I lift her skirt and finger her.
She moans.
I grab a condom out of my jeans pocket.
I pull down my jeans.
I pull down my briefs.
I pop on the condom and fuck her.
She moans.
I look over her back and on the tv news I see black people with angry voices, angry faces.
I pump away, watching tv with her.
The news from new orleans is not good.
George W arrives 4 days too late.
He still has that stupid smirk on his face.
I cum too soon.
What a mess.

What do you do to improve your life?

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