Back to WORK again!!!  

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9/6/2005 5:05 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Back to WORK again!!!

How was everyones Laboe Day weekend???

Mine was GREAT and spent in Tucson and in Phoenix.

Had to reschedual my LA trip again...damn.

NEW PLANS for Los Angeles are for 10/3-8/02.

We are also planning a big HALLOWEEN PARTY in Phoenix, AZ.

I have a very alternative out!!!

Thanks for all your wonderful comments and responses. Hopefully, I meet some of you this month.


Rideinmyjeep4fun 46M
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9/9/2005 7:52 am

Labor Day was a good time! Spent some time in Phx myself....discovered this place called "The Library" on Mill Ave. Sittin' out on the patio when it was 110 outside was a thrill! lol. But the lovely young ladies in school girl outfits made it tolerable. My buddy and I also watched this guy across the street yelling at the customers, the girls, and pretty much anyone who walked by. We named him "Johnny Mirage" cuz we thought that if we went up and tried to touch him, he would just vanish!
So, I only went on-and-on because I noticed that everyone responding to you was only using one or two sentences, lol.
BTW...Halloween and St. Patty's Day are my two favorite holidays (or should I say "Holy Days"?) and I hope that a good time is had by all!
Aside from that, I could "tell" you how I like to unwrap my candy, but I'd rather show you....suffice to say, it starts with a slow, seductive peeling of the wrapper and continues through experiencing all of the subtle, complex flavors that the "Candy" has to offer.
I'll leave you with wishes of peace, love and happiness and to have a great day!!

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