He lost his virginity to her - and she lost hers to me!  

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7/5/2006 8:30 pm
He lost his virginity to her - and she lost hers to me!

My boyfriend, Steven, was here for the long holiday weekend and on Saturday his childhood friend, Sarah, came into town for the night. She's two years older than he is and is the one he lost his virginity to at the age of 14. They've been "friends with benefits" at different times in their life and she's very sexually adventurous - except she's never been with a woman. I knew this and was confused by the looks and signals I was getting from her all day on Saturday - I could have sworn she was coming onto me.

Steven and I play with others, but we always play together. So, when she got up from dinner and went over to sit on his lap, he started to pull away and tell her nothing would happen because he wouldn't have sex without me. That's when she turned to me and said, "I was counting on that."

Steven unbuttoned her top, took off her bra, sucked hard on a nipple and then turned her to face me. He said he didn't want to be in the way and just wanted to watch. I got up from my chair and took her hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom. Steven came in, took off his pants, sat down and immediately started stroking his cock.

I pushed her down on the bed and starting tearing at her jeans. I've been the first woman for other girls before and it's always such a turn-on for me. This was even hotter because of her history with Steven.

Once she was completely naked, I stood up next to the bed and told her to undress me. It was clear I was in charge here and she was a willing pupil, doing everything I said.

As she undressed me, I gave her instructions like "suck my nipple hard" or "squeeze my ass cheek." Once we were both completely naked, I laid her down on the bed and started kissing her deeply, my tongue gripping her, my mouth hard on top of hers. I reached a finger down to her wet pussy and started playing with her clit. She immediately started moaning. After playing with her clit a little more, I moved my mouth down to her hard tits and started to slide a finger inside her. She tensed up and I told her to relax. I asked her if she didn't like it when a guy played with her pussy and she said it was ok, but was never her favorite part of sex. I told her she was definitely going to learn a whole new world tonight.

I went back to her tits and pussy and she still seemed tense. So, I just went for it, figuring the anticipation was making her nervous and knowing I could relax her with an orgasm!

Still sucking and nibbling on her tits, I took two fingers and pushed them inside her, while my thumb stroked her clit. I started to finger fuck her like that - slowly at first, but quickly moving faster and harder. Now I slipped in another finger, so three were inside her and my thumb was still on her clit. I was right...she relaxed and gave in to the sensations in her pussy.

She started moaning louder and her hips started to move in rhythm with my fingers. Steven had told me how much she liked dirty talk and how it turned her on to be called a slut and whore. So, I started telling her exactly what I was doing, that I was finger fucking her nasty wet cunt, that she was mine, that I would make her cum hard and then cum again and that Steven would watch it all and jack off on her tits when we were done. I told her I hadn't fucked a slutty cunt in a while and that I was going to keep her up all night fucking her. She came so fast and so hard, I couldn't believe it.

I think she was amazed by the experience too because she just kept saying wow - and then said thanks and started to get up.

I pushed her back down, straddled her legs and told her we hadn't even begun. She started to say something, but I immediately dove into her pussy, spreading her lips apart with one hand, inserting two fingers into her with the other, and taking her clit into my mouth and sucking hard. She yelled out and immediately her hips started bucking up toward my mouth. I continued that for a while and then I switched, diving my tongue all the way in her, rubbing her clit with my fingers hard and fast. She came two or three more times - I don't remember how many even. She tasted great and had me so hot. Every time she came I just licked it up and kept going - she would tell me to stop, but all the while holding my head and pulling me in deeper, so I knew she didn't mean it.

Finally Steven couldn't take it any more and came up behind me and started rubbing his hard cock in my ass crack. I told Sarah she should now fuck us both.

Sarah seemed really nervous - she said she didn't think she could go down on me. Steven told her she had to at least try it - fair was fair, after all.

I turned around in a 69 position and straddled my juicy pussy over Sarah's mouth. Steven got right in where I'd been and slid his cock all the way in Sarah's pussy. I started licking both Sarah's clit and Steven's cock as they fucked. Then I started talking to Sarah, asking her if she could see how juicy I was and asking her if she'd at least like to taste pussy juice? She said yes and I lowered myself onto her mouth. She was hesitant for about the first minute and I didn't think she was going to want to get me off - and then all of a sudden she grabbed my ass and dove in like a pro who'd been eating pussy all her life! I was amazed!!

Steven and I were both primed from our extended foreplay so we both came fast. Steven pulled his cock out of her and I licked him clean, then licked his and her cum off her pussy. This must have excited her all over again because all of a sudden she stuck two fingers in my ass and started eating me again. I rode her face hard - harder than I meant to for a first time, but I got carried away. She didn't seem to mind at all - she moaned and just fucked me harder.

By this point Steven was semi-hard again and I needed a cock badly! I sucked him off for a few minutes and then begged him to fuck me hard, which he did while Sarah watched.

We continued on for some time, sucking and fucking and taking turns with each other. Sunday morning Sarah had to leave to go to Colorado but she thanked me several times before she did for "initiating" her into a new world of fun!

And, Monday we got an e-mail from her that she'd picked up a couple in Boulder Sunday night and had fucked the wife all night. I'd say Sarah's a fast learner!!

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