Tah Dahhhh!!!!!!!!!!  

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7/30/2005 6:46 am

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Tah Dahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

here I go again. plunging off the deep end into the icy waters. No regrets, no fear, no hesitation, no FUCKING brains is more like it!
I speak to you of the woman I have been chatting with for a week or so. I met her last night. Blew the lid right off my bean pot let me tell you.
And right now I am usually writing the stuff that I will feel stupid about later, so I am doing it a little different this time.
Those of you who know me know that I only know one way to do things and that is full speed, straight ahead, making 'me-sized' holes in anything not fast enough to get out of the way.
But it was not always that way. Once upon a time there was a me that had NOT had his heart broken, an Idealist he was...
When I became the bullet proof wrecking ball that I have been for as long as all of you have known me it was in large part due to the death of that former Idealist (at the hands, no less, of the Love of his life and his arch-enemy). This was a destruction of something that oaths were sworn would never, ever, be allowed to flourish again. This Idealist who reached out, wanted to know, to truly help someone else - was branded a dangerous freak. One not to be trusted.
Well sports fans, guess what?
he's baaaaaaaack! The idealist. He will probably not last long - unless of course he finds and binds with a damsel. You know how it is, she won't stay alive unless she finds a champion.
We shall see. Read the Song. Do your part.
Help find and save the Llano. peace.


He had a thousand ideas, you might have heard his name
He lived alone with his vision
Not looking for fortune or fame
Never said too much to speak of
He was off on another plane
The words that he said were a mystery
Nobody's sure he was sane

But he knew, he knew more than me or you
No one could see his view, Oh where was he going to

He was in search of an answer
The nature of what we are
He was trying to do it a new way
He was bright as a star
But nobody understood him
"His numbers are not the way"
He's lost in the deepest enigma
Which no one's unraveled today

But he knew, he knew more than me or you
No one could see his view, Oh where was he going to
And he tried, but before he could tell us he died
When he left us the people cried,
Oh where was he going to?

He had a different idea
A glimpse of the master plan
He could see into the future
A true visionary man
But there's something he never told us
It died when he went away
If only he could have been with us
No telling what he might say

But he knew, he knew more than me or you
No one could see his view
Oh, where was he going to
But he knew, you could tell by the picture he drew
It was totally something new,
Oh where was he going to?

many tiny kisses for you, ms. mysterio.
you know who you are...

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