Suzi and the Homeboys  

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Suzi and the Homeboys

Suzi and the Homeboys
By Jim

Suzi's first interracial sex experience happened unexpectedly at one of my cousin's wild weekend parties.
Like any typical teenagers, we have nothing better to do on weekends then drink, party, and of course have sex. Great if you can do them all at the same time. Which at my cousin Pat's, we almost always did. At this point our original threesome had grown from just us meeting for occasional fun times, to Suzi posing nude for Pat, and then to her putting out for select friends of ours. She also started after school fuck sessions with Pat's younger brother Matt. Now my cousin Matt and his friends are really into the bodybuilding scene, which really turns Suzi on. Seeing I've gotten to bone my share of both my cousins’ female friends, I had no problem letting Matt lay some pipe with Suzi too.
While Suzi and Pat's favorite activity was anal sex, Suzi and Matt's was oral sex, especially deep-throating. Suzi would literally let Matt fuck her mouth for an hour as long as she could run her hands over his hard ass and thighs while he did it. Matt's girlfriend at the time wouldn't give blowjobs so this arrangement suited him just fine. They also did their fair share of fucking. Pat told me that one time he walked in on them when Matt was supposed to be doing his weightlifting workout. Matt was doing his bench presses but at the same time Suzi was straddled on top of him riding his cock. Pat also told me that Matt told him that he and one of his workout buddies double-teamed her standing up. They said she went wild because they held her up between them and she was stuck on both their cocks. They pretty much did what they wanted with her.

On this night when Suzi had her first taste of dark meat, most of our usual group was together, the only real odd exceptions were three black guys who played football on my cousin's school's team. They were in the kitchen involved in a poker game with my cousin Pat and a few others. I had lost most of the money I had put aside for playing cards so I gone into the living room with my beer to listen to the music. On the TV with the sound turned down was one of my aunt's boyfriend’s porno movies from his collection. There were couples spread around the room, making out or having all sorts of sex. Some with whom they came with, some switched around, nothing unusual for my cousin's place when his mother was gone for the weekend.
Suzi and Matt were in one corner of the room. She was pretty much naked except for a cover from one of the chairs draped over her hips, and she was lying on her belly with her head in Matt's lap so you couldn't see her tits. Matt had his shorts pulled down to his shins and Suzi was slowly bobbing her head up and down his hard shaft. Even though there was a lot of auction going on around them, they both looked like they were in their own little world and had their eyes closed, not in any hurry to complete the act.
I headed for an empty place on the couch across the room and Barbie came over and grabbed my arm along the way. Barb is a few years younger then Suzi, but it's hard to say which one is the hornier or the nastier of the two when it comes to sex. I was always glad for a chance to nail Barb’s hot little body when I could.

Suzi and Barb had a friendly competition going to see who could out do the other, which a few times led to some after party contests involving the two of them and a roomful of horny guys. I've had plenty of occasions to bury my cock in Barbie in the last couple of months while Suzi was occupied with Pat or someone elsewhere. So when Barb strolled over to me wearing nothing but a pair of light blue panties and offered to "blow my doors off" I accepted her offer gladly.
I took my beer to the couch and sat back to let the little slut work her magic. Barbie lay out next to me and undid my jeans. She took my cock out and gently licked at it until she had me rock hard, then she started sucking me. Taking it deeper and deeper until her lips were in my pubic hairs. Barb and Suzi are alike in the fact that they are both super at sucking and deep-throating cock. I slid my hand along her back and down into her panties. I gave one of her smooth firm ass cheeks a squeeze before moving my way down between her legs. The little bitch giggled and nibbled harder on my cock, then she spread her legs wider apart. The slut was already wet and one of my fingers slid into her fuck hole. I sat there on the couch with my beer, my cock happily snug in Barb's warm sucking mouth while I fingered her tight hole, trying to decide wither I wanted to cum in her mouth or fuck the shit out of her snatch.

I looked around us and in the corner I saw that our buddy Bob had joined Suzi and Matt. Suzi was now on her hands and knees still sucking Matt, but not so relaxed now. Behind her Bob was fucking her doggy style with long steady strokes. Sitting in a chair across from Barb and me was one of Pat's old girlfriends, Theresa, who was getting eaten out by the neighbor who usually bought the beer for the parties. I’d fucked Theresa a few times, but she had a pussy big enough to stick your whole hand it, so she really wasn’t one of my favorites, however she regularly fucked the beer guy and he seemed happy with her. It was then I remembered that the weekend before it was Suzi’s turn to put out for the beer run. Theresa suddenly came loudly, which wasn’t unusual for her; the whole house could hear her when she has sex. Her and beer guy switched places and she got on her knees to suck his cock.

Barb was still doing a nice job on my dick and I just decided to watch my friends George and Karen go at it when Pat and one of the black guys came into the room. Bob had just shot his wad in Suzi's cunt and was sitting back watching her deep-throat Matt. Pat turned and whispered something to the black football player, whose name was Monroe. With an evil grin in my direction, Pat motioned to Matt and Bob to distract Suzi and keep her busy. Matt placed both hands on the back of her head and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth while Bob moved to her side and began to play with her tits and nipples. Pat and Monroe walked over behind Suzi, and at Pat's urging Monroe dropped his sweatpants and knelt down behind Suzi's ass. Her pussy was still very wet and his dark cock slid easily into her fuck hole. Suzi was too lost in sucking Matt's cock and Bob playing with her tits, she was use to guys taking turns fucking her to give it much notice that she was being fucked again.
Matt was telling her he was close to cumming so she gave him all her attention and just blindly enjoyed the boning from behind she was getting without looking to see who it was.

This little show was starting to draw more attention from everyone in the room. Matt, Pat, and Bob were urging Suzi to give her best porn star blowjob impersonation. Monroe bit his lower lip in pleasure as he stroked his cock in and out of Suzi’s wet cunt. Pat grinned wildly and slapped him on the shoulder.
“See? I told you that’d be one of the fucking best pieces of ass you ever had!” my cousin told him.
Monroe let out a pleased moan of pure pleasure as he slammed Suzi’s ass back onto his dick and said,
“Oh shit, Pat! I never fucked a white girl before. Yeah, this sure is some sweetest hoochie I ever banged.”
At the sound of his voice Suzi stopped sucking Matt’s cock and looked over her shoulder. Her eyes got big as saucers as she saw the big black kid who had been fucking her for the last few minutes. She had a look of slight panic in her eyes as she realized what was happening, but Matt was close to cracking his nut and he pulled her head down then fed his cock back down her throat. Suzi gave him a couple of more sucks and then Matt filled her mouth with sperm. Suzi let him finish shooting off, and then swallowed. She gave his cock a couple more pumps and sucks to make sure she got all the cum he had to offer then she released his sensitive cock from her mouth.
Matt sighed in relief and sat back to watch the rest of the show going on in front of him, it was obvious he liked the view he had of his brother’s friend fucking Suzi. Suzi looked back at Monroe again, she looked a little panicked and unsure what to do, it was pretty clear that Monroe’s cock was doing its magic on her despite whatever she was thinking. No one in our circle of friends ever fucked a black person before and her parents would definitely disown her if they found out that she did.
She apparently decided it was too late to do anything about the black cock inside her so she just sat back and enjoyed it. Seeing she was finished sucking Matt off, Monroe took the opportunity to her turn over so he could fuck her missionary style. Monroe finally got a real good look at the rest of Suzi’s body and he complimented her on how much he liked her firm little tits.
Suzi also now had a clear view of his black cock pumping her pussy. She got so excited by the view and Monroe soon had her orgasming under him. By then Monroe's two teammates had join the circle of spectators and little Barbie had climbed into my lap with her back to me so she could watch, and my cock was buried deep inside her hot tight pussy. We were both sweating and panting from our own fuck session but mostly from watching Suzi and her new black stud. I had to use Barb’s own firm tits to hold her close to me and to make her slow down and stop moving so we wouldn't cum too soon before the show finished.

Suzi had quieted down after a big orgasm and Monroe was up on his hands and knees, his thighs and ass driving his hard black tool into Suzi's tight pussy as fast as he could. I could hear Suzi begging him to pull out and not cum inside her. Just as he disappointedly agreed to do what she asked, Pat step in and playing the gracious host told Monroe to go ahead and cum in her if he wanted.
Now my cousin Pat can be a prick when he wants to, which I think a lot of girls find charming about him for some reason. But he usually gets his way about things. When Suzi started to protest about Monroe cumming inside her, Pat cut her right off.
Pat bitched her out, telling her that if she ever wanted to come to another of his parties again she’d shut up and just keep fucking. All the other guys there were free to blow their wads in her pussy, and so would Monroe and anyone else he invited to the parties.
Suzi is a little bit of a nympho and just loved sex… and it’s especially a turn on when she’s made to do things during sex for her. Pat’s parties were the perfect place to get laid by a bunch of different guys so she didn’t dare piss Pat off.
Suzi, put into her place now, meekly laid back and let Monroe continue fucking her. I have to admit it was a big turn-on seeing my cousin treat my girlfriend like a slut… and watching her give in to his demands. Even Barbie’s pussy got wetter watching Pat put Suzi in her place.
Monroe grunting with the effort to hold back his orgasm, asked Suzi if she was sure if it was okay for him to cum in her. She just nodded yes to him, and with three more hard thrusts Monroe's sperm joined everyone else's in Suzi's cunt. Biting his lower lip and moaning with his spurts, he soon finished and maybe forgetting that not ten minutes ago Suzi's mouth was full of Matt's cum, he kissed her in thanks.

No sooner had Monroe pulled out from between Suzi's legs that another of his buddies named Sammy, took his place. Suzi lay there passively still not sure what she thought of the situation but she let the second guy go on screwing her. The third black guy, De'shawn, was the biggest of the three. De'shawn was about 6'3", very, very dark skinned and was about 290lbs. of solid muscle. He had his pants off and as he moved toward Suzi's head, I saw that his cock even just semi-hard was huge.
When she saw it, Suzi eyes nearly jumped out of her head. She reached up and took it in her hand and she could just close her fingers around it in its semi soft state.
After she played with it for a couple of minutes, De'shawn coaxed her into putting it in her mouth. Suzi did her best to suck as much of him as she could but within seconds of his prick touching her lips it grew to its full size. His cock was at least 11" long and about 6" around, Suzi had both hands wrapped around it and could only get a little more the just the head into her mouth. She more then made it up to him by licking up and down his dark shaft and sucking on his balls. Any misgivings she had were now forgot once she had that big cock to play with.
Sammy watched Suzi give tongue service to De'shawn's cock and decided he wanted some of that for himself. De'shawn was more then willing to swap places with him because he’d never fucked a white girl either, where Sammy’s was going out with one.
Getting a throw pillow off a nearby chair he put it under Suzi's ass and hips. He spent a few minutes having Suzi wet his tool with her tongue while his two friends each grabbed one of Suzi's knees to help keep her legs spread wide for him. In my lap, Barb snickered at the sight and commented it looked like these guys had practiced this operation before.
Kneeling between Suzi’s spread legs, De'shawn inserted a couple of fingers into Suzi's pussy. The combination of already having fucked his two buddies and her excitement at the anticipation of having that big cock inside her had Suzi already dripping wet. He guided the head of his cock to her fuck hole, from where Barbie and me were sitting; we could see the huge black head force open her pussy lips.
Barbie stopped even trying to ride on my cock. “Holy shit!” she muttered while we watched. My cock was as hard as steel as I was real surprised that Barbie was able to sit all the way down on it as stiff as it was. She wiggled her cute ass around in my lap a little to get more comfortable and I grabbed onto her hips to make sure that not an inch of my cock left her pussy. Barb leaned back against me and I looked over her shoulder to watch what was happening to Suzi. As far as I was concerned I had the best seat in the house. My girlfriend was about to get pounded by a football player with a massive cock right in front of me, I had my beer, and a sexy naked little slut sitting in my lap with my dick literally buried ball-deep in her steamy tight cunt. It was heaven. I whispered in Barbie’s ear that after they were finished fucking Suzi, I was going to fuck the shit out of her. The little slut whispered back that she was looking forward to it.

De'shawn pushed about half the length of his prick into Suzi on the first try. As her pussy stretched to accommodate his thickness, Suzi let out this long drawn out groan, somewhere between pleasure and pain.
On my lap, Barbie twitched and her pussy tightened up on my cock as Suzi cried out with her penetration.
De'shawn began to slowly pump Suzi, ignoring her little whimpers. “Fuck! That’s good pussy!” De’shawn grunted himself.
With each stroke, a little more of his cock sunk home, and Suzi began soon began to move and pant with him as her cunt stretched out to fit him.
His two team mates finally let go of Suzi's legs when it was apparent that she was handling his tool well.
She was taking almost all of his huge cock in, and I heard one of his friends tell Pat that he didn't think such a small girl could take a big dick that big. He also said most of De'shawns girlfriends were on the big side, and he complained because a lot of them still couldn’t take him or were just afraid of his size.

Suzi was soon moaning and begging him not to stop fucking her. Her pussy looked red and swollen from the abuse it was getting, but she kept asking for more. With the first of Suzi's loud orgasms, neither Barb nor I could take anymore. Barbie started riding hard on my cock and I grab her hips and began pounding her in return for all I was worth. Suzi was so hot she started to have multiple orgasms, and Barb started to cum right along with her. De'shawn was pounding Suzi hard and Suzi gave one last cry and stopped moving underneath him. I thought she had passed out from the fucking she was taking.
When Barb came just a few seconds later, she collapsed on top of me and couldn’t move anymore, so I had rolled her onto her stomach on the couch and I continued to fuck her from behind as I watched the the last of the show with my girlfriend. I was vaguely aware of other groups of people having sex and watching around me as well, when I felt my balls tighten with the need to cum. I grabbed Barb's hips and rammed my cock one last time between her creamy white ass cheeks into her pussy and filled her with my cum. My sperm felt like fire and Barbie moaned under me like it was burning the inside of her pussy.
My cock and balls ached afterwards as I myself collapsed on top of Barb, just in time to catch the grand finale of Suzi's interracial fuck.

De'shawn was thrusting like an animal into Suzi's limp body. The only sound coming from her now was the occasional whimper in time with his trusts. The head of his cock had to be poking deep into Suzi’s belly, but she still didn’t try and stop him or ask him to slow down. I had to admit I was sort of proud that Suzi was taking it like a trooper and going all the way.
Sweat fell off De’shawn’s face onto Suzi's shaking tits. His ass was a blur of motion as he started to cum, his head went back with his teeth clinched as he shoved his entire cock deep and hard into Suzi's cunt one final time. Suzi actually cried out in pain that time and there were tears in her eyes as De'shawn spasmed and filled her with his sperm.
The big football player had her pinned to the floor and the only thing she could do was take it all and wait.
De'shawn eventually finished shooting his load, and then pulled his cock out of Suzi's snatch with a wet pop. Suzi's twat lips were swollen red and hanging open, huge globs of sperm ran out of her fuck hole and down the crack of her ass. De'shawn rolled over and covered his face with his hands, murmuring his thanks to Suzi and telling her how sweet she was. Suzi could only lay her head back and closed her eyes. I could see her legs trembling as she lay there in the aftermath without the strength to do much more.

Somewhere in that time I had disconnected from Barb and she had moved off somewhere. Almost everyone had watched and was talking about the incident. A few of the other girls were casting offhand looks in the three black studs directions. Suzi had broken the ice so I figured it wouldn’t be too much longer before they saw some more action that night.
Someone turned up the music and the party started up again with more card playing, drinking, and sex. Pat decided to play the nice guy then and lead Suzi to a bedroom, so she could recover without some other guy jumping on her.
The party rolled on and later I found one of my old girlfriends and went outside for some make-out time with her… and a quick tour of her body for old times sake. Awhile later when we came back inside I noticed the black guys were in fact getting some more action from a few of the girls, one of them Barbie.
Suzi later came back to join the party and swore our friends to secrecy about what happened that night. Her parents are very prejudice and while they wouldn't have been very happy to find our about Suzi's kinky partying habits, they would have disowned her if they found out about her fucking a black guy, let alone three of them. Suzi had started something new and a few weekends later those three guys showed back up at a party with two rather pretty black girls
Needless to say some of us guys had our first black adventure then too.

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hey suzi and jim... again VERY hot you goys are just plain hot. would love to see all that cum running out of her cunt. what a turn on later LOVE69

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A great story.

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