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8/14/2005 7:32 am

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Word of the day time! Everyone gather 'round.

Kainotophilia - A paraphilia where a person derives sexual excitement from change.

Now, this one is a little hard to figure out. My sense tells me that someone who has this really gets off on change in their environment. Perhaps they find sexual enjoyment from a cross country move, changing jobs, changing marriages. That is a pretty big need to fill. I suppose you could get a mini-thrill when you put on a new set of clothes or replace the roll of toilet paper. Take out the trash... putting in a new bag makes my toes curl.

Or, my creativity suggests it could be that the person gets off on breaking a dollar. That would be a little more convenient. You could get your rocks off anytime you wanted... just run down to the 7-11 and buy a 99 cent pack of gum. Oh yeah baby... the jingle of that penny in my pocket is so erotic. Penny candy? I'll buy 5 pieces, but only if you give me the change in nickels.
Here's $10.

After finding all these weird words, it helps me feel a little better about my own secret fantasies. How about you?

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