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ANewLevel4Us 38M/37F
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8/15/2005 1:00 pm

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BlogLand's Unanswered Questions

We've been here for a few weeks, and it's been a lot of fun. As the days pass, the questions grow.

talldarkavg1... are you really 94? You've spoken of shopping with teenagers, so I assume you are past 30 years old.

mzhunyhole you always post pictures of yourself in your blog. Do you have someone special taking these photos for you, or do you just use the timer feature on a camera?

expatbrit49 I see you changed your member photo. Will you be back to jeans and red shirt once your vacation is finished?

papyrina do you have a belly button?

bella_ You must work out. Share the secret... what did you do to get an ass like that? Smokin!

I'm sure there are more questions, but I've run out of adult blogging time for this afternoon. If anyone could enlighten me, it would be appreciated! Thanks!

rm_talldarkavg1 105M
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8/15/2005 3:02 pm

@#%& busted. I am not 94 nor am I 49. Hope that clears things up.

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expatbrit49 62M

8/16/2005 5:04 pm

I will return to the jeans and red shirt once summer ends

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