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Finally a name for it! I don't know why it is called this, but hell. It's a lot prettier than "blow job" or "fellatio".

Bird-Watching - Term for performing oral sex on a man, and then swallowing the semen.

Speaking of blowjobs... funny story. I have a cousin who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I believe he was around 16 or 17 years old, and he worked in a restaurant as a delivery driver. Most of the people who worked there were much older than he was. Lots of dead-end people in a dead-end job. They spent their days at work finding various ways of humiliating each other to make the time pass quickly.

My cousin's name was Phillip. He had acquired several nicknames over the course of his life. Phil-do, Phillip McCrevace, Needle Dick the Bug Fucker... you know, really choice names. I remember hanging out with him one day and he said... "Hey, they gave me this really cool nickname at work!"

"Oh yeah?" I said. "What do they call you?"

"Phil-latio. Isn't that great?"

The poor kid didn't know what it meant. He was running around telling people that this was his new nickname. He was a wanna-be thug, and even was practicing new and exciting ways of "tagging" this name in case he someday felt the need to deface property. He couldn't understand why people thought it was such a funny nickname. Idiot.

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8/11/2005 11:14 am

Thanks for stopping in! Glad I could make you laugh today.

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