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4/17/2006 7:18 am

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Touching on another taboo subject..

It is scientifically proven that a woman is more sexually aroused on her period.
Bugger the scientists i know this for a fact, as for some god damn reason when i am horny as all hell and looking forward to getting laid, oops suddenly my period comes along!!

Thats when i stamp my feet jump up and down and go damn shit bugger poo bum!

Now here is my question to all you folks out there...

Male or female, do you, and have you had sex with someone on your period?

I know i have, but it was with a long term boyfriend of mine and it was after a couple of months after we met.

I cant bring myself to do it with a stranger, i think its a little gross myself. But some men actually like it!

P.S... to make the tampon angel in the pic follow instructions
1. Dip into water until tampon expands.
2. Remove and tie at the top to create the angel's head.
3. Let hang (by handy dandy string) for several days until dry.
4. Paint face with peach or skin tone color, and draw small
black dots for eyes.
5. Add blush or pink paint to cheeks.
6. Paint "dress" with glimmer paint.
7. Criss-cross thin gold ribbon across chest (around neck) .
8. Add yellow doll hair to top of head as well as a gold
pipe cleaner for a halo.
9. For the grand finale...glue small gold angel wings to back.

Ta da!!!
You would never know she belonged anywhere other than your tree!!!!
People have to look long and hard to figure out where that
little darlin really is from!!!

I'm your little visiting angel, pretty as a swan.
I'll decorate your tree or wreath from dusk until the dawn.
I know that every month you'll think of me and put a smile on!
I'll even be hanging around when you crave a box of bon bons.
Now I guess you've figured out, and no, you're not wrong...
Someone found out another use for a playtex tampon!

fuklykmagic 31M
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4/17/2006 4:43 pm

wooo, i'm first to comment this time round!!! too bad i have no relevant insight to offer on the issue.
like.... OFCOURSE i've had sex... jus not with someone on their period...
have a good one.

AussieCuckold 53M/41F

4/18/2006 5:00 am

Yup, I agree. My libido is doubled during that time of the month.

Most partners were eager to do it still, but I insisted on shower sex during that time. No one gets hurt *wink*.


rm_HarleyDuck69 48M/45F
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4/21/2006 1:30 am

OMG! I soooo enjoy it, but not so enegenically, ie. horizontal positions only and I always keep something nice and cool on standby for a quick clean up. hubby likes it as long as there is no EVIDENCE! LMAO. but yes.......i soooo agree with you amber re getting horny just to discover my buddy has arrived! damn. hehehe the missus. {=}

YuMeAnTheShadows 49M

5/31/2006 4:08 am

Hi Amber!

I'd be reading the next entry already, but I am laughing so hard and loud my eyes are filled with tears. I was already laughing when I was readind thee instructions, but the poem just kills me. LOL ROTF!


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