lonely satisfaction  

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2/6/2006 8:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

lonely satisfaction

Ok i went out to drinks night for the central vic fun group on Sat 4th feb...

I knew i would have fun, cause i was there with my girls!
We always have fun.

Anyway, to start the night we all met at MILK, where we indulged in a few drinks and conversation. Met a lotta nice people, also a selected special person or two! (they know who they are!)

After a few drinks we all decided to move to PUGGS which is a local pub/club in Bendigo.
Which was absolutly packed!!
with all the bodies squished into that tight little area, it was rather warm, so my first instinct was to go to the bar and grab a drink.

Now in not one of those insecure girls that need to drag a friend along with me everywhere, so i headed to the bar and squished my way in amongst all the brawdy looking men by myself.

Wasnt long (approx 10 seconds!) before a horny looking man was staring at my boobs (which thanks to my girlfriend clairs taste in clothes) were popping out.

I struck up a conversation, and managed to gain his eyes to mine for a couple of minutes, when all of a sudden his mates turned up beside him.

ahh drunk men are so funny when they get in a group!! Now the second guy thought it would be funny to try and embarrass me by stating out loudly that my "titts managed to give me (him) half a fat". To which i responded by grabbing his cock and saying, "yeah well if thats half a fat im not sticking round for the rest to pop up."

But i would have to say the hightlight of my night was when i was standing at the bar chatting to a guy, and my girl decided it would be funny to pull my breast out of my top and invite the guy i was chatting to, to have a suck on my nipple... to which he did!

I think half the bar staff stopped serving drinks at that point! I think i am quite lucky i didn't get kicked out... gotta admit though, was a huge turn on, with everyone watching and all!

Anyways, since the only person i really wanted to take home was a certain female, and she seemed busy having a ball.. i decided to pack up my boobies and head home...

Unfortunately i didn't get to go to bed straight away, due to a few more 'incidents' that night.

but lying in bed at 4 am in the morning all alone, (apart from my girl ash) i thought how wonderful it felt to go out with my friends, and come home alone and not feel worthless because i didn't take a man home for the night.

Not that i wasn't horny, not that i did'nt enjoy the male attention i got, and not that im a big anti male dyke...
Just that i felt secure within myself enough to go home without a 'pickup'.

I think that too many women today tend to feel worthless without a males attention or affection... and thats kinda sad.

Alot of women i know have often said to me that they feel lonely and worthless, whingeing that they dont have a man in their life.

Nah, not me, i have my health, my friends and my family, i don't need a man to make me feel better. Sure sometimes its lonely, sure sometimes you just 'need' a males touch... But it's nothing to be depressed about.

i think women have the wrong perspective... its not "my life is nothing without a man"....
but someday "i could have my own life, with a man".

imsohorny19822 35F
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2/7/2006 4:30 pm

Hey Amber, the drinks night was great i must admit. Better than the last few we have had. It was great to finally meet you, Ash and Clair.

You have such a point there that so many women go out and dont manage to pick up, and that they feel worthless. It is so true, i've been there done that.

But hey, lifes not just about going out and picking up and finding a guy or girl. Its about having fun with your friends. If you have had a great night and enjoyed yourself, then you should be able to go home and feel satisfied, of couse not sexually, but satisfied and contented within yourself.

Too many people today put too much emphasis on meeting the man or woman of their dreams and go home feeling depressed becuase they didn't meet anyone or manage to drag someone home to bed with them.

If they just too a step back and didn't try so hard and just tried to have fun with their friends, they might just find that what they are looking for, just falls into their lap.

rm_oicuthere 47M

2/11/2006 1:28 pm

you two babes are so hot and really hope i get a chance to chat to you at the next meet in march, dates have always been conflicting with my diary - hopefully one will match - and no i dont expect sex simply because you have handles such as imsohorny - a bit of respect and conversation goes a long way first
mwah xx

AussieCuckold 53M/41F

2/13/2006 2:53 pm

Ohhhh, who were YOU trying to pick up?

I did get Ash's number just before she left with you guys, but I thought I gave her mine too.

Being a big girl, I never, ever worried about picking up. I didn't pressume to think I was that hot ya know? Still, regardless of that I always picked up more men than my skinny gorgeous friends.

If we focus on going out and having fun, it shows our real side, and not a try hard version. You are right - a life without a man isn't the be all and end all.


2/14/2006 7:50 am

ok ok ok i admit it Bec, you are gorgeous!!!!
and we wanted you to come home with us!!!

AussieCuckold 53M/41F

2/15/2006 2:53 pm

really? Shit girls, you need to bit a little more forward. Haha.


2/15/2006 8:32 pm

ok, next time we will grab you on the boobies!!!

rm_Bendigoman2 55M

2/17/2006 6:13 pm

Well that would have been a hoot or (hooters) to see you pop a tit out at the bar and have some dude hanging off the end of it well done sounds like you know how to liven things up when youre out on the town cant beat a bit of that sort of fun

imsohorny19822 35F
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2/19/2006 9:02 pm

Beck, did you honestly not realise that Amber and the girls were into you? They couldn't take their eyes off of you for most of the night!!!! Will have to get you a pair of glasses!!!!

AussieCuckold 53M/41F

2/21/2006 9:40 pm

Mmmmm yes she is a gorgeous girl my little Beck !!!
You girls have great taste, just like me.
Love you spunkster, hurry home !!

AussieCuckold 53M/41F

2/22/2006 2:26 am

HAHA. I had no idea.

I was having a blast being around adult company (other than Mat) and didn't pick up on the vibes.


You don't need to grab me on the boob but some sweet flirtation would be suffice to grab my attention.


2/23/2006 2:07 pm

am blinking my eyelashes and smileing coyly!!

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