Wet Wonder  

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4/9/2006 1:40 pm

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4/11/2006 10:33 am

Wet Wonder

Ok i know that guys have wet dreams, But are girls meant to? Cause i have had my fair share of wet ones in my life!

Im starting to think there is something wrong with me!

My first one happened when i was 17. I dreamt that i was a guy and that i was pulling myself off, and it felt so good, i came, and as i came i woke up feeling like i had just blown a load in my hand... But i looked down and there was nothing there.

After that i averaged about 1 wet dream every three months.

My favourite one was of a tall blonde leggy woman who was dressed in leather, she was fighting with me, and the next thing i know we are kissing and licking each other.

All i remember was we were getting really sweaty in the back seat of a car and she made me cum soo hard that i woke up panting.

Has any other woman out there who might be reading this experienced a 'wet dream' or am i a freak of nature who is highly sexed?

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
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4/9/2006 2:20 pm

Hi Amber

Oh Yes ... i still get many sexy dreams ...... have even squirted it was so sexy / powerfull ... but then, i cum pretty easy anyhow and think about sex more than most guys do ...... i tell a lot about my desires on my blog, but u inspired me to discuss Female Dreams on it .. a new discussion post cum ing up!!

Best Wet Dreams yo Yuo

rm_cru1972 44M
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4/9/2006 2:53 pm

Tell me, what are these wet dreams you speak of? I'm not lucy enough to have ever had one.

fuklykmagic 31M
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4/9/2006 3:51 pm

guys have wet dreams.
the female equivalent, is a dream i'm in!

still lookin hot doll.

AussieCuckold 53M/41F

4/10/2006 4:11 am

I have had probably only 4 wet dreams in my life that I can remember. The feeling is incredible!

Last friday, I was in the shower with Dave GRohl, (Foo Fighters lead singer) and we were kissing in the way I dream of being kissed.....

Mat walked in and said "Babe Im cooking eggs, do you want some?"

I screamed at him! Hahaha... I was dreaming about Dave Grohl with plenty of wetness afterwards...

Never ever got to finish that dream.


AussieCuckold 53M/41F

4/10/2006 12:36 pm

Oooooh Amber, i know you've been dying to meet me but i didn't realise i was having that sort of effect on you girl !!


4/11/2006 10:33 am

lol @ Beck...

Men seem to have impeckable timing dont they?

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