A little more about us...  

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7/8/2006 7:10 pm

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A little more about us...

Well, as it says in our profile we are experienced with threesomes. We utilized the same gentleman for about 7 years. It was getting a tad "routine" when he went and got married and a case of the morals set in. We wondered for a while whether it was a good or bad thing? Any way, we searched for a new playmate by conventional means for 6 more years with little success. By conventional we mean see them, greet them and hopefully meat them.

The chosen ones (actually there were only 3 of them, lol) were either too uncomfortable with another male in the room or were not up to the standards set by the regular predecessor and that isn't good.

So, we are here in search of the next candidate. And searching online is a first time endeavor for us and we are taking it a little slowly. Don't be angry or disappointed by our caution. You could meet a nutcase on the street just as easily as you can here, it's just what makes us comfortable.

We will talk to most anyone here whatever their preference as you cannot have enough friends who share the same sexual interests and intensity on the matter.

P.S. Our computer crashed a couple of months ago and took our digital camers AND our scanner with it. We will have pictures available as soon as we can.

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7/21/2006 7:42 am

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