AKHottie6971 30F
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1/4/2006 12:34 am

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3/24/2006 2:32 am


Man i wanna talk to people that ages 19-29 years old and when i say that a whole lot of old guys are like i dont look my age....Man they should seriously look in the mirror. i dont care if you dont look your age if you are old i dont wanna talk to you. think about it.....Man it is soooo irritating....

superhornymammal 33M
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1/4/2006 4:31 am

lol! chill babe =) i'm 22, how bout we chat then?

MyRealLoverOne 46M

1/4/2006 6:16 am

Well babe, you know how us old farts are, we just can't help ourselves!

rm_skabilly 41M
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1/19/2006 9:46 am

it seems simple enough. if you don't meet the requirements, don't bother. you can help yourself... i'm 28. if you want to chat..

rm_AKStud20 31M
2 posts
1/27/2006 6:50 pm

hi AKHottie6971,

how are you doing tonight? I'm 20, live on the peninsula. 5'9, 170 pounds. brown hair and eyes. U wanna chat?

rm_HardFun212 35M

6/1/2006 4:09 pm

hey AK hottie

I'm 24, live in the anchorage area. would you like to chat with me?

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