And I know it  

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10/31/2005 6:22 am

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And I know it

Mind Candy
by Andy Schoeberl

Into the blue from without
the black
We penetrate the icy thoughts
From black suede pants bulge
glimpses of light
Ascension imminant, Arrival unknown
Deprival pre-cent
One bar sixty-five sense
All that is around you till numbness

oralfixationizin 38F

11/22/2005 10:09 am

Ten Points to the winner of this translation. It is an orginal work, by moi. though i am sure it has been said many other ways, for centuries before my exsistence. i think. therefore i am.

J'ai reve vous
Vous faire moi joyeux
Vous etes un homme nouveaux
Prends moi maintenant
Je suis une femme d'amour
Je voudrais voir ton coeur
Vous etes un ami speciale
Et tes coeurs sont dans le ciel
Je suis heurex que
J'ai trouve vous

probably a ton of mistakes. Ten years since my last French class will do that. but there is nothing like the look on a Parisians face, when the simple, boring, fat american, speaks the most beautiful language to have ever been created. hence, a smile. and boundaries exsist no more.

~April Marie~

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