Day 98: Getting closer...  

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2/15/2006 7:28 pm

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Day 98: Getting closer...

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MistressKat60013 stopped by to say hello and take a look but that's about it today.

It also seems that some of my bloggers are starting to get nervous that I'm catching up, so they're posting again, and their comment count is getting higher which is making my goal of passing them up to get into the top 8 a little more harder to do. Plus competing against women is a tad bit more difficult as guys like to comment on a girl's blog to get their attention. It's a lot harder for guys because to attract a woman or other readers to your blog if you are a guy much harder to do. You have to be funny and intelligent. So me no how to compete with pwetty wadies...

My daughter apologied to me today for destroying her flower I bought her for V-Day. I tried to be mad, but she's so adorable and funny, that it's hard to be mad at a 3 year old.

(YAWN....) It's tough for me to stay awake. I've been so tired lately. I need to get some rest folks, so I'll be cutting this short tonight. Also because I really don't have too much of anything witty to say. Work has been murder lately and I should go to bed to get some sleep. Of course, I could masterbate, but when you masterbate every night because you don't have anyone to enjoy,'s get tiresome and boring after a while.

Well thanks for reading. G'night folks. May you ladies squirt multiples, and you guys...well I'm too tired. The guys get nuthing tonight. If I'm getting guys are getting nuthing as well.


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