Day 95, part 2: Do I think I will ever hook up with someone here?  

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2/12/2006 8:33 pm

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Day 95, part 2: Do I think I will ever hook up with someone here?

I've be thinking about this more and more as I continue to blog here and stay with this site. So far, I've been on the site for over a year now, and I've been blogging now for close to 100 days.
In this time, I've talked to several women here, and while it's been extremely wonderful to talk with these women, and I've even made a few friends here, I honestly don't know if I will EVER meet anyone on this site.

Oh sure, I've had women say that if I was closer to you, I'd be with you. And believe me, that does make me feel great, they mean it or are they just saying that so that they can make me feel good as a friend?

I was watching Flavor of Love tonight, as I don't know why I watch it but Flavor Flav is my man, my bro. And while there are a lot of things in which are different between us, the one thing I can truly connect with Flav and myself is is a man that's a real and honest person. He's looking for someone to truly connect with, and I can admire that in him. He really wants to be real, and that...that's cool.
Anyway, I was watching his show, and here are these ladies, and a lot of them are really fake, evil women, looking to hook up with him, and I'm really really hoping that out of all these women, there's one woman that is also real, and she's named Goldie on the show. I'm really rooting for her to win and become Flav's new main squeeze.

Ok so what does all of this have to do with me? Well, as I'm watching this, I started to think about myself and wonder if I'll ever find anyone here at this site. And the honest answer is I honestly don't know. I am married, but if anything, I'm trying to be real here, be honest, be upfront with people here so they know what's going on and what time is it with me. And right now, the odds are against me. But in an effort to contine to try to be a good person, and a positive one at that, I'm going to continue trying to see if I can hook up with someone here. Will that happen? Who knows? But I do know's been an interesting ride so far, so what the heck...I've got time. So I guess I'll keep trying.

Flavor Flav!


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