Day 92: This title deleted due to the website interference  

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Day 92: This title deleted due to the website interference

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Well my profile got all screwed up thanks to AdultFriendFinder, and they lost a lot of info in which I had to go back, review all of my info and fill it back in from scratch...AGAIN. What a royal pain in the butt. But the worst part is...AdultFriendFinder messed with my gender, so I'm a 36 year old Prefer not to say. Huh? WTF??? Anyways, I sent AdultFriendFinder an request to fix that so I can once again claim I'm a man. Well, at least half a man. I won't consider myself a man until I get laid again. Regardless, AdultFriendFinder needs to get on that and fix it...pronto. AdultFriendFinder needs to invest in newer severs that are faster than what they have and have backup records, who am I kidding? Like they'd listen to a guy who uses their service for free. Geesh.

I got a e-mail from zyulya, and she said that she might visit Chicago either in late march or April so we got to talking and time will tell if we might get a chance to see each other when she stays in Chicago. I'm hoping to hear from her again soon.

Seeing her e-mail was a very nice boost for me, and just reading it...well, let's just say I was flying my flag at full staff. Needless to say, I'm most intrigued.

One more thing, zyulya thinks that if I get all of my friends who read my blog to get their friends to view my profile, well, if I get 50 or more views, then I can start talking to you guys and send e-mails and look at profiles again. So here's the deal, I need 50 or more views in 3 days or less, so start looking at me, and I can start looking at you ladies again. Alright? Cool.

Now that we've discussed all of that, I've got a different topic for the guys and the ladies...


Well, recently on another blog of mine at myspace, a friend of mine posted a bulletin for her blog asking us guys to get a clue, and in it she's asked why guys can't seem to get a clue when it comes to attracting females and the problems behind why guys can't attract women. Then she posted a link to an article on what 7 Things Women Hate The Most About Guys. In case you haven't seen the link...well, unfortunately, AdultFriendFinder has a bug up their ass about showing website addresses, so unfortunately I can't show it to you.
Anyway, it listed the 7 things that guys do wrong and help to turn women off, make women hate us men, and repulse women. The main thing is my friend was asking in her blog post is this...

Why do we guys do these things in which we turn off women by trying to show our emotions, being more open, asking your opinion when you want us to be the leader and take charge, and why haven't we gotten a clue yet as to NOT to do these things that makes us more effeminate men?
Well, it just so happens I have the exact answer for her as to why we men have been doing these things. Would you like to know the answer as to why?


Look, we men will take the blame for some of this...yes a lot of us have become sissy-fied men, but it's only because women in general asked to to be more caring, more open, that we men share our feelings, that we listen to you more and not ignore you, and that we try to express ourselves to you women. And then what happens? We do that, and then we hear it from you ladies that we've become wusses, sissies, and effeminite men. DUH! That's because you told us to do that in the 60's and 70's, so the shift started to change were we tried to adapt to that and try to open ourselves to the "FEMALE" portion of ourselves and human beings. And look what happened! You hate us for it! I mean, all my life, my mom told me to be like that, and what happened? For years I had the problems of talking to women, being thought of as a wuss. No wonder I had problems!

Here's the REAL deal with the problem you've created want your cake and to eat it at the same time, and that's not going to happen. You want a man to be on the one side, a leader, yet on the other side, you want us to ask you about what you want to do. You want us to be open to our feelings yet at the same time you want us to be brave and strong and not cry so we can be able to support you. You want us to able to open up, yet you want a man with mystery and intrigue. You want to change us men into what you want, but the instant you do, you then think the challenge is over and go after your 'next' challenge.

WHAT THE F***???

How f***ing stupid is this? Ladies you can't have it both fraggin' ways. You really want to know what the REAL problem is? It's not us ladies, it YOU. YOU are a BIG part of the fraggin' problem, with the double talk. So here's what we want...


The moment you women stop giving us men the double talk and just tell us what the f*** you want, we'll at least listen to you. Until you women can do that, then maybe men and women could start to understand each other more and work together.

You see, you women say that you are the smarter of the sexes. And you know what, you're probably right. The problem is you women are too darn smart for your own darn selves, and you over think everything so god damn much, that you tend to overcomplicate things to the Nth degree. And that's you biggest failing. Why? Because sometimes...we men are just simple guys, and we mean and think what we say. Ever here of the phrase K.I.S.S.? If you need a refresher as to what that is, it's called Keep It Simple Stupid. If women were to do that, we'd have a lot less problems so ladies...let us men ACT like MEN, not the way you want to mold us.

Now a lot of the ladies will not like what I've just said, but you know, when faced with the truth, sometimes the truth is so hard to face, that people will ignore it for what it is, which is the truth. And I'm not saying either that you ladies are entirely to blame either. But if we a human beings are to be together and be more honest, then we have to stop the double talk and just be real with each other.

But what do I know? I'm just a dumb stupid GUY.


WildChild5884 32F

2/10/2006 1:05 am


pinkplaytoyz 49F

2/11/2006 4:59 pm

Remarkably, I agree with most of what you say, if only because I strive really hard not to give in to the more negative female tendencies... I like to be unique. And I hate arguing and complicated bullshit as much as you men do. I'm glad you got this off your chest, and I hope you feel better after doing so!

AGNJoe1 46M

2/12/2006 12:40 pm

WildChild - It's not that painful, just venting...

Pink - For me, I'd just wish women would just say what they mean instead of passing out the double talk. And as for getting things off of my chest, well, I'd rather be getting off on your chest my dear...


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