Day 9: Well that was a interesting topic I posted...  

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11/17/2005 7:23 am

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Day 9: Well that was a interesting topic I posted...

Well, no looks, no winks, no invites, no e-mails from women. But at least my blog is getting a bit more popular!

Well, who would think some people would have a problem with being nice. Ok I posted a new topic "What guy rules should we come up with for AdultFriendFinder?", and man! Some people just don't get it about being nice to people pays off.
I posted the topic to come up with suggestions for people to come up with some rules/suggestions/guidelines that everyone should follow, and some people just freaked out at the word RULES. Ok I admit, I could have worded my topic better, and should have said guidelines or suggestions, but still I posted right after the fact and said that. Oh well, at least if anything, klauskisshug and Jusdewit8 got to flirt a bit, and that's cool. Maybe they'll hook up! You go guys! are the GUIDELINES we came up with that at least some people we cool enough to post for my topic.

#1 - No cockblocking. (my idea)

#2 - Accept rejection with some dignity. Just because you aren't right for me does not mean you are a bad person. Nor does it mean I am a tease, or a bad person either. It just means we aren't a good match. Move on and leave her alone.
Arguing, begging, and berating the rejecter just makes you look bad. (LoveSpell11, and your main photo is hot!)

#3 - If a woman receives many emails, she should activate her auto-reply feature. This will let the guy know that his message didn't get lost and was received.
In the message, she can mention she gets alot of emails and, due to time constraints, is unable to reply to all of them.

She can also say she:
A) isn't interested in meeting anyone new at this time...
B ) will personally reply to the sender if he matches what she is looking for...
C) can say thank you for the interest...

It will only take her a couple minutes to write the auto message, and will prevent bad feelings from guys who write and never hear anything back at all. (An awesome idea from Angel of Avalon! You rock dude!)

#4 - If a woman is strictly into other women, then she should be off limits to guys sending her e-mails trying to convince her to be with them for a threesome with one of her girlfriends.
This could be reversed for guys who are strictly into guys as well, or women strictly into couples, which means she's not interested into single guys only. (My idea)

#5 - Just plain respect, courtesy and true honesty (both with yourself and others) would be a very good start. (Great idea by HighPockets1938 and WowieZowie1, I took the liberty of combining the two posts since it was almost the same thing.)

#6 - If you're NOT interested in finding someone to have sex with, remove your profile and log on to some G-rated dating site.

#7 - If someone finds you desirable & contacts you, have the courtesy to reply - even if it's just to say "Fuck off!"

#8 - If you make a date, KEEP IT! You can always cut it short and go home alone if there's no interest.

#9 - If your spouse/partner doesn't play, don't
list as a Couple.

#10 - If your spouse/partner doesn't know you're
on AdultFriendFinder trolling for sex, say that in your profile. If you say they know & approve, be ready & able to prove it!

#11 - Don't use your class of '75 high school graduation picture. Use RECENT photos of yourself if you are going to use them.

#12 - This site survives on acceptance of others' lifestyles - just because you're not into something "alternative", don't slam the ones who are... Just move on. And if you list a desire for "alternative" pleasures, be ready for them.

#13 - Save the bragging... There's always someone bigger, better, sexier, smarter, stronger, richer. Use what you've got & be happy.

#14 - Sex is FUN. If you're rude and abusive, you're missing the point. (#6-14 were ALL suggested by Satyr48, who gets a BIG kudos from me for suggesting some awesome guidelines.)

I'd love to hear some more suggestions or guidlines to add and if we get enough, I'd love to submit the article to AdultFriendFinder to post so they could feature it. I know they have something similiar posted but I think that AdultFriendFinder should make this something that ALL members should read and take heed of so we can all have a better experience here at AdultFriendFinder. Well that's all I got for now....thanks for reading!


WildChild5884 32F

12/11/2005 8:22 pm

Very well put, and if people (Yes I said people lol guys and gals take turns being rude or mean) AdultFriendFinder would be more fun and less hassle.

WildChild5884 32F

12/11/2005 8:23 pm

Very well put, and if people (Yes I said people lol guys and gals take turns being rude or mean) would take these guidelines into consideration AdultFriendFinder would be more fun and less hassle.

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