Day 86: Man, what a weird freakin' day...  

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2/3/2006 7:58 pm

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Day 86: Man, what a weird freakin' day...

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Well, a nice thank you to iwantitallnow69 for checking me out, and all the way from Florida. Well, if you're ever in Chicago...look me up!

I got to work and boss was on one of his micromanagement deals where he had to practically tell me every little detail on what he wanted me to do when all he has to do is just say, "Can you do this for me?", and I already know how to do it and take care of the problem.
The worst part is...he smells. Really bad. Like there are certain parts that he cannot reach to wash type smell...dear God. It's enough to burn the hair right out of your nostrils.

Then I decide to go out for lunch today, I pull over to grab something to eat, and I didn't notice a NO PARKING-LOADING ZONE sign because a large truck was parked and hiding the sign. When I got back, I had a 50 dollar ticket on my windshield...frakkin' Chicago cops. So my lunch...cost me 60 bucks. So I'm almost all down on myself because I just set myself 50 bucks back instead of trying to stay ahead and watch my budget. Then out of the blue---I still cannot believe it...I found a 100 dollar bill on the ground! It was right there! So I picked it up, looked around and nobody was chasing it or looking for it, so finders keepers! It was like God knew my day was going wrong and said, "Joe here's a break. Take this." Although I do feel bad that a person lost 100 bucks, I needed it more than they did at the time.
So I went and paid off the ticket with a money order, and we all went out and I bought my family a nice dinner tonight. How cool is that?

Well, not much else to say, except that AdultFriendFinder knocked off one of my posts because there was bad language in AdultFriendFinder serious? I mean, we're all adults here looking to screw each others brains out, for the most part, and we can't drop an F-Bomb? How stupid is that? I'm telling you, this place can be a trip sometimes.
Irregardless, I cleaned up the post and reposted it for everyone to see. Rediculous.

That's it for now. As always, thanks for reading.
Here's hoping you find what you seek. As the song goes from U2...

And I still haven't found what I'm looking for...


LikeToLiquor2 56M
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2/5/2006 11:57 am

Keep workin on your Karma,,, I know,,,, I know,,, not that crystal rubbing crap. More like,,,, smile at adversity. There are 100 dalla bills everywhere,,,, so to speak,,,,, just got to be open to seeing them,,, and of course,,,, what you do with them is key.

When you started this blog,,,, I thought,,,,,,,,, Why?,,,, Why put it out there,,, every suffering detail,,,,, and now I can see a change in you and understand.


AGNJoe1 46M

2/5/2006 8:12 pm

LtL2 - Well, part of the reason I put every detail out there is so I can get the feelings off of my chest and out there for all ot see.
All the good and the bad as well. And by doing that, it allows me to push out the bad so I can vent, and when I read about the good, it allows me to rejoice in it and feel good about myself.
As I stated in my first post, my posts will be about the journey I take and what happens each day. It will allow me to grow and become a better person. And it might help me get laid. But for the most part, the blog you read isn't really here to entertain you, although if I do entertain you, it's a very nice bonus.
No, the blog is for me, so I can grow and learn from myself. That's what it's all about.

Thanks for asking...


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