Day 44: Hey everyone, look! It's the obligitory Christmas blog!  

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12/23/2005 4:16 pm

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Day 44: Hey everyone, look! It's the obligitory Christmas blog!

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Well, I got one look yesterday from aplle3, but unfortunately...she's in Montana. It's odd how I attract all of the women from around the US and in some parts of the world, yet I've had very little people look at my profile from in my area of Chicago. Well I suppose I should be grateful for any looks at all, I guess. I figure if I didn't have ANY looks, I'd be complaining about that as well. Well, it's something to think about...

Not much to tell. I talked to lvr80 today. Oh I network of friends will be happy to know that I've finally figured out how to create an album and I've added all of the photo's I've taken so far and I added a "SPECIAL" photo, just for my friends. Let's just say I have my hands full at the moment when I took that picture, and it was very hard to just drop everything at that time.

I may or may not be posting any blogs during Christmas, so if I do, it might be a quick one. But in case I do not, I'd like to wish EVERYONE here a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you may celebrate. May you be safe and happy. And if you do not celebrate and are not religious, well just enjoy the extra day off.

Thank for reading as always, and thank you for helping me become on of the most watched blogs in my area in such a short time! My goal for next year is to become the #1 watched blog in the Chicago area, and work my way up from there. Well until then, may god bless us....EVERY ONE!

(And no, I do not have Tiny Tim swinging between my legs...geesh!)


Abbienormal57 66F

12/23/2005 5:06 pm

Merry Christmas to you!

pinkplaytoyz 49F

12/25/2005 4:33 pm

Ah Joe, 'tis the season to be someone's folly; alas, my blog from yesterday did not merit a single comment! Therefore, I am "follyless", LOL! (I think I might use that as today's subject,lol)
My fate is such that I'm spending the remainder of my Christmas day here in Blogland.
My Christmas gift to you is that I will read every one of your blogs to help achieve your goal!
Hoping you have a wonderful Holiday
and a Beautiful New Year!

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