Day 36: As The Boil Grows, and a change in plans...  

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12/15/2005 9:40 pm

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Day 36: As The Boil Grows, and a change in plans...

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I got another e-mail from Jus_a_Lady, and hon, you are welcome along with all to read my blogs. I hope you enjoy them.

I also got an e-mail from kitty_likes_milk and she informed me that while we can be friends, we cannot be friends with 'benefits', as she does not fool around with married men because of the drama that usually follows. Which is cool by me, because I do respect her being honest with me, and she is a really cool person. See? I can respect that from her because she was honest with me, and I totally will not get offended from it, in fact THAT's the type of person I prefer.

The boil on my right cheek is getting better. I popped the remaining pus out of it, and the swelling has gone down considerably. I sure you wanted to know all about my pus filled ass.
Anyway, it still hurts a bit to sit on, but it's a lot better than yesterday.
See? Who else here would admit they have a boil on their butt? I'm totally secure with myself and could care less what people think about me.

I talked some more with lvr80 a lot today, and while we were supposed to meet toda for some lunchtime nookie, plans got altered, again. I'm supposed to see her tomorrow. Time will tell and we shall see.

Well, I wish I had something funny and entertaining for you, but having a boil on your ass that is sore as hell don't not help someone's disposition to be funny. Sure it helps you laugh at me for having a pus-filled ass, but that's about it.

Well thanks for reading. More stuff tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be more witty and hysterical for you tomorrow.


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