Day 31: Feeling better, and what I would like to do to you ladies...  

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12/10/2005 6:49 am

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Day 31: Feeling better, and what I would like to do to you ladies...

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Well, I got a great friend added into my network, LustGoddess2469! Lusty is one of the most watched blogs here at the AdultFriendFinder network, and can I say what an honor it is to have her as a friend...although I would love to have her as well! LOL!
Lusty is one of the nicest people here to have as a friend, so I count myself blessed having her as a friend. And her 40th B-Day is coming up, so everyone go over and tell her Happy Birthday!

Well I'm over losing Desiree as a friend. One of you posted was I being a bit overdramatic, knowing what to expect here, and I will I agree somewhat, it's just a couple things about that. One, the shock was fresh.
Two, I needed to vent it out.
Three, I was bummed over being rejected. How am I supposed to act? Like I was happy she left?
But the shock is over, and it's just time to move on.

Now that this has been vented...what would I like to do to you ladies?


While I would love to be your friend, first and formost, I would really love to lay you on a nice comfy bed, and slowly work my way up the bed, start to tease you ladies with my toungue, but not going directly for the spot you think. I'd like to slowly kiss and toungue your body from your feet to your head, and once I get towards the middle portion of your body, I would specifically IGNORE it, saving it for last, until I get a chance to slowly work my way back down from your head to your breasts, and then slowly draw my toungue down the middle of your breast bone to your navel and then as I get slowly toward your hotspot, all dripping wet with anticipation, I will detour my way towards your hip bones, continuing to tease you, until you cannot take it anymore, and beg me to eat you out.

Once I have your complete attention, I would love to slowly lick all of the juices from you, and then have my toungue flick up and down that clit of yours until you shake and shiver with orgasm after orgasm.

Finally, when you are good and ready, I'd love for you to do the same to me. Fair's fair, right ladies?

Work me up until I cannot take it any longer. Then when you've licked and sucked me off really good, I'll be primed for the REAL fun. I'll slowly tease you with the head of my cock, just probing and poking you until you beg me to fuck the shit out of you. Then and only then, I will slide my throbbing aching cock inside of you, slowly at first, and then work a rythym going until we are both fucking like ANIMALS! I want us both to be exhausted from orgasm after lovely orgasm.

Now, if you think you ladies would like that done to you, let me know if you think you have what it takes. I have found VERY few women that can handle that, let alone keep up with me when I'm ready to do just that. You think you have what it takes? PROVE TO ME YOU ARE UP TO MY CHALLENGE.

Of course, I am flexable ladies. If you think I'm not up to YOUR standards, well then, I am ready to accept any challenge you might be willing to throw at me. At least I think I am...

Well that's it for me folks. Thanks for reading.


LustGoddess2469 50F  
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12/10/2005 9:11 am

Aw jeez Joe - you're making me blush. Don't stop. LOL

Thank you for the sweet testimonial, too.

If only the circumstances were different...


sideline1968 48F

12/10/2005 11:35 am


Lovely imagry there Joe. You've got the teasing and foreplay down. From my perspective that is.

It's been a little while. Be looking for a private e-mail from me in the next day or so.

Love from TX

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