Day 192: Busy, busy, busy, and I'm looking for MyCokeReward Points!  

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5/21/2006 9:22 pm

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Day 192: Busy, busy, busy, and I'm looking for MyCokeReward Points!

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Well, I got new looks from ExplicitWoman, MilkChocolat4HIM, kelizabeth219, and I got a look AND a wink from ebony_tanya. So ladies, thank you, thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU very much. I appreciate adulation I get from any woman so I do feel honored.

I'm sorry I have been neglecting the site a bit, but I've been busy as a bee with a ton of yardwork trying to clean it up and move a ton of dirt around to clean out a nice garden area so I can make it look nice in the backyard. I'd really like to plant some veggies in the back to grow some extra stuff, so I'm looking forward to getting them started really soon. And the backyard which hadn't been taken care of in years with tons of overgrowth, well I made a deal with the landlord to help re-landscsape the front and the backyard so as to help the landlord keep a good place, and in return, he would help me keep the rent lowered to help us out. So it has been a HUGE work load, but seeing the place clean up a lot, it's fairly satisfying.

Didn't think I'd have a green thumb, huh ladies? I like to work in the backyard a lot. I got it from my mom, I guess. Gardening is fairly peaceful for me, and it's honest and tiring work, but you feel a sense of accomplishment when it all comes together.


I started accumulating those MYCokeReward points, and I'm asking all of my friends at different sites to start giving me any points they are not planning to use. My goal is to get 8500 points so I can get a laptop computer, which would be awesome to have a newer computer with the ancient dinosaur I have built.

So...if you'd like, and if you are not planning to use your points, send them to ME! I could use them! Either shoot me an e-mail here, or you can contact me at














and I'll be extremely glad to take them off of your hands.

Well that's it for me tonight. I hope to hear from you folks soon! Thanks you, and as always...thanks for reading.


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