Day 185: Women, women everywhere and not a one to boink...  

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Day 185: Women, women everywhere and not a one to boink...

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My thanks to dirtylittlehore, SexyRycheBabe, and mycin62 for checking me out and viewing me. Seeing as a guy doesn't get to many looks, any look I get now a days is better than nothing. So it warms my coc-, er umm...the cockles of my heart to get anything nowadays.

Well today was Mother's Day, so I called my mom, took care of the kids, cleaned up the house, mowed the front and backyard grass, then I took a shower, cleaned up, made dinner for my wife all the while she slept on the couch, and I still found time to shave my head. NO! Not the little one the big one. Or of course, it could be the little's all subjective to me.
It was getting to a point to every night I sweat in bed, and I HAVE to have a fan for two keep cool and also as the fan doubles and serves as a white noise generator to where the constant hum of the fan helps drown out all of the background noises so I can fal off to sleep. But lately, since I always try to keep my hair short, I hadn't had a trim for a while since January, and it was looking a tad mopish to me. And my head was sweating like crazy in the pillow, so I went over to the in-laws and borrowed the clippers and buzzed my head clean. I love a short head of hair because it just weighs less on my head and the freedom of just washing and's awesome.
I'll take some picts tomorrow and show you my hair. It's just easier that way.
Well, I wish there was more to tell ya, like some interesting sex stories as of late, but nope...still quiet as a mouse over here. Well, that's it for me folks. As always, thanks for reading.


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