Day 174: Bleepin  

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5/3/2006 8:18 pm

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Day 174: Bleepin

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BAH! My computer AND my internet phone was down for over 6 days, and all I had to do was reset the damn modem. Had they instructed me to do that over the phone I called from, I could have reset the modem when I got home and I would have been able to post on the web and talk on the phone. Blasted tech support in India. I guarantee that had the tech support had been in America, I still would have no phone or internet. But at least I could drive to that location, get an illegal gun and hunt the sucker down!

Just kidding, I wouldn't do that. But it's just frustrating to hear an Indian accent and the guy goes, "Hi my name is may I be of assistance?"

Sure Punjab...assist this! (flipping the bird)


So durring the whole time I'm gone, only one person looked at me, educatedmanonly, and that was on April 27th. (sighs)
Sorry, I do appreciated it, but it seems I'm becoming less and less popular. I'm nearing the 180th day, approximately 6 months of blogging, and I've only been laid once by my wife in which it was a pretty much a mercy fcuk. And before that, it was over 15 months. I think if I end up coming, I'm going to get a just a puff of white dust just coming out...geesh.


I'm thinking of if I get a little time by myself, maybe if I added some newer picts of myself to change things up a bit.
I might end up getting new looks or something. Or nothing. But it beats doing nothing. I don't know.


My website to help gather donations to assist my family and I...not one dime. I've only gotten one e-mail, and a couple of posts in which I got religious people telling me that the Lord would be disappointed in me begging for help.
Ummm, look...wouldn't God want us to be nice to each other and help others in times of need?
Ok, I'll post the site again...

w w w d o t f r e e w e b s d o t c o m / h e l p a g u y n a m e d j o e

Check it out, stop by, send me some advice, a donation if you choose to help, if anything stop by and say hello.


Well that's it for me. Thank as always for reading, and hopefully in the future I'll have some new picts sometime soon.

Thanks, and god bless.


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