Day 168, part two: Ok I lied, I got more to post...  

AGNJoe1 47M
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4/27/2006 6:00 pm
Day 168, part two: Ok I lied, I got more to post...

Ok's a poem entitled You...


You came to me
with your sparkling eyes
and within my heart
I could hear the sighs,

Of your voice in love
it called to be free
it sounded like heaven
it felt meant just for me.

You looked at my soul
wanting me to be your lover
as you took hold of my hand
and said you wanted no other.

You were the one who made things different,
You were the one who took me in your arms,
You were the one who held my heart gently,
You were the one who captured me with your charms.

You belong among the wild flowers,
You belong somewhere you feel free,
You belong with a lover on your arm,
Above all, you belong somewhere close to me.

I was reeling in the twilight,
as your apparition took me by surprise,
in which our souls connected
to reside in heart-felt compromise.

But Fear took my heart
saying that my love she would not need
and the demon laughed in triumph,
for on my fear he began to feed.

Resigning myself to a dark and dismal fate,
I started to walk away from you,
but unknowingly you became my savior,
For in coming to me, you were my rescue.

Your arrival gave me strength,
and destroyed the demon called Fear,
you took hold of my hand,
showing you wanted me near.

I talked to you for hours as
my heart tumbled and fell
as I knew I was falling in love,
Hoping all would work out well.

The night went on it’s pace
We held each other in our arms,
and with loving affection I kissed your face,
I lost myself within your charms.

Later that night
in a place of tranquil care,
we made love together,
A love I wanted to share.

So now I think of you
the core of my soul now cries out,
“I want to be with you, my love,
and of that there is no doubt!”

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