Day 134: My 100th POST, well, 101st actually...and breaking the chain!  

AGNJoe1 46M
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3/24/2006 7:40 pm

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3/25/2006 8:19 pm

Day 134: My 100th POST, well, 101st actually...and breaking the chain!

Ok folks. This is my 101st post. I totally forgot that yesterday was my 100th post. Duh! Anyway, here's where you folks get to have some fun at my expense. Ask any question you wish about AGN Joe, and I will do my best to answer it as honestly as possible! So start thinking up your questions for AGN Joe!

Now, I got a TAG from cuteNEway and since cute tagged me...I'm going to break the chain. You see folks, this chain letter crap sucks. I've never liked chain letters, and I make it a promise to break chain letters.

So NO, I will not be participating in the chain tagging. Cute, just to let you know, I am not in the least bit mad at you for tagging me, so don't feel bad. And this I swear is not personal in the least. But I think chain letters, chain tagging, is so crappy. Here you are passing on a chain and then telling people, if you break the chain, you'll have bad luck. Well folks, my luck is for s-h-i-z-n-i-t anyway, so more bad luck on top of my bad luck? Folks, I'm 43 grand in debt. In one month, if I don't come up with over 3 grand, I will and my family will be evicted from my home. I've had 2 cars voluntarily repo'd. I've had sex ONCE in a 15 month period, and the last time it was a mercy deal.

You think I'm on a good streak now? PLEASE!

Folks, chain letters and chain tagging sucks. Be strong, grow some spines and backbones. BREAK. THE. CHAIN!

Look, I try to be a nice guy and all, but this is one time you folks will see my dark side. Stop the tagging crap people.


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3/24/2006 8:42 pm

Right the fuck on...I broke the chain too!

I got the right to say...I don't wanna!!


rm_Lance_Elliot 46M

3/25/2006 3:02 pm

[post 284560]

Snagged by the real one

AGNJoe1 46M

3/25/2006 8:14 pm

sweet - Thank hon. While I'm not out to hurt anyone by not not continuing this chain tagging, I just don't beleive in chain letters and the like. So people, do not take offense.


AGNJoe1 46M

3/25/2006 8:19 pm

Lance, I'm a tad bit confused by what's going on here. I'm hoping you showed this to me in order to let me know what happened to Pink. Pink is a very good friend, and it tears me up to know this guy is scaring her and tormenting her like this, and if I could do something to help her or expose the guy that's trying to hurt her, I would.

If you're trying to make me aware of what's going on, again, I'm kind of confused as to what's actually happened, because she never confided in me to tell me what this guy was actually doing.

Can you please explain yourself a bit further with this post?


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