Hot Tub Julie  

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4/17/2005 3:44 pm

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Hot Tub Julie

Hello ‒ Well, let me tell you what my fuck buddy and I did last weekend. Julie had this idea of going to a spa where they have private hot tubs. So we rented a room with a tub, we got undressed and she massaged my back, which for some reason relaxes me and last longer. Then we spent several minutes in the tub kissing, embracing, and caressing each other’s naked bodies. I moved from her lips to her ears and to her neck then back to her mouth. She stood up on one of the steps and arched backwards so I could kiss her belly and boobs much easier, she was starting to get really hot. Her nipples got so hard as I nibbled and sucked on them. She then sat on the edge of the tub and wrapped her legs around my shoulders and neck so I could get an unimpeded path to her love box. I began by kissing her pussy lips and blowing on her clit. As my tongue tickled her lips, I brought my fingers up to massage her clit. Her legs began kicking frantically and squeezed my head tight. I eased back to let her relax, she began to sweat ‒ I was really turned on at this point and we switched positions. Leaning back I let Julie take my cock in her mouth. She moved her lips up and down very slowly at first looking at me now and then with her big blue eyes. Her head moved up and down my shaft faster and faster. God, it felt so good! After a bit, we switched again. This time I took a sponge and wiped her pussy and butt hole. I put my lips back on her pussy and used a finger to tickle her butt. She was getting hot again. I got both hands on her buttocks and squeezed as I kept licking her pussy driving my tongue inside her. I turned her over on her belly so I could get a better angle of her ass. Then I started rimming her as I kept squeezing her butt cheeks. I then stood up and used the head of my cock to tease her pussy lips and butt hole. She was getting really wet. I ran the around in a circled tickling her lips with the tip of my dick. I could the wetness ooze out of her. After a few minutes of this I could stand it anymore and I slid my cock into vagina from behind. She let out a groan of pleasure as I went fully inside. From here I started off slowly and then picked up the pace. Going faster I grabbed onto her hips for better control and momentum and I pounded away. Then she came quite quickly. I could feel her love box pulsate and squeeze down on my shaft. If felt like ecstasy. Then we moved from position to position ‒ I sat on a step of the hot tub and she rode me with her back to me. After that I stood up and she turned to face me, she held my shoulders and hoisted her legs around my torso and slid my cock inside her. I love it when a woman directs me inside. I had my hands around her butt cheeks to help her bounce up and down easier. Our mouths came together again and our tongues danced as we fucked away. After she came again, I let her down and she bent forward putting her hands out on the floor and stuck her ass up in the air. I got a towel and dried off my wet cock. I grabbed some lube and put it all over my cock and her butt hole. I slid a finger in just to make sure she was loose enough. She was. And she begged me to enter her ass. I couldn’t wait either, but I had to go slow so it didn’t hurt her. I slowly slid my dick into her ass. The tightness almost was too much to overcome until I suddenly felt my dick pop into her butt. She gave out a little squeal of delight. Again, I went slowly at first and tickled her clit with my fingers. She really began to enjoy it, I could feel her squeeze me tighter. It was all the better. Julie began panting, “Steve, fuck my asshole, fuck my asshole!” I did so with pleasure. I pulled out and then slid it back in. I repeated this four or five times before I added more lubricant (I used Astroglide). I slid back in again and gave her a few light spanks. I began thrusting again. She came again and tightened down on my cock. I pulled out and sprayed all over her back. She squealed again with delight. We then slid backwards into the hot tub and she sat on my lap as we held each other’s sweaty and tired bodies. We kissed and giggled like little kids. Finally we cleaned up and left. It was one of the best sexual experiences I have ever had.

rm_getty001 64F

5/24/2005 9:07 pm

ok lets hear from Julie o)

SCDolph 32M

10/20/2005 9:45 pm

oh man, I remember that shit! I was just curious what the hell a blog was but kept reading. good shit. where are the girls who want to do that, Isn't that what you are on here for, what this man described? Im new and I can't see that its working for me that way. Im in Soquel...

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